Increase your teaching effectiveness

Increase your teaching effectiveness

Renee EllisonJun 17, '24

The months of summer vacation can provide excellent opportunities for going deep with your young children in particular areas that build academic self-confidence. Our homeschool how-tos deliver children from academic nightmares.  Grab these tips -- Fast Phonics, Zoom-Type, Quick Piano, Character Traits, and Spell-Along build solid foundations for beginning readers, touch-typers, piano players, good character behaviors, and spellers, respectively -- to give each child the confidence to proceed even faster and better during the regular school year.

You can do it!  A veteran homeschooler recently wrote,

I just reread your Razor Sharp Teaching Tips; the whole book is excellent!  Renee, in it you summarized most of the strategies I use to awaken learning as I teach, and you did what you preach: in short, concise, repetitive steps. Delightful learning!

You taught how to teach, how to learn. Adults like me w/ ADD can use your organizational tips to give the structure needed to learn. As always you value children as God’s people, not as projects. 

Now I’m learning to read music, esp. bass clef, using Quick Piano & Color Notes books, for 10 min 2-3x/day."

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