Recommendation for academically subpar high school age children

Recommendation for academically subpar high school age children

Renee EllisonApr 10, '24

Is a child you love, seriously behind in academicsA mother of many children wrote that she has a couple high school age children who have fallen behind academically, including having difficulty reading

My response was to suggest that she consider puting all the children in ACE (Accelerated Christian Education Ministries) curriculum, described online at  Start from the beginning....FIRST grade level of reading, math and word building ... even with your 15-year-old, if they lack a foundation.  (If you don't want to do that, you could have them take the free online diagnostic tests, to show where each of them has gaps--and then begin by ordering the PACES that will fill in those gaps.) (By the way, don't use their Home Educator’s Basic Quick Start Set -- it's a bunch of record-keeping you don't need.)  They will sail through the early years and get the valuable step by step help they need because it will uncover their gaps...what they are missing.  The speed at which they can go through those early paces will make them feel soooo successful and not dread schooling. 

I know of two sixth graders whose parents did not educate them and someone else took them over and put them on ACE curriculum, and they sailed through 180 paces lickety-split and became super well educated, over one summer and one year.  ACE is wonderful to administer because it hardly requires Mom at all...they basically self-educate, just doing page after page and checking their answers with the answer keys; they then correct all of their wrong answers and sail onward to the next PACES. 

A caveat to this recommendation is that there probably is no one curriculum that works for everyone.  For instance, a child who struggles with reading due to dyslexia might be discouraged by the large amount of independent reading in ACE.

However it is accomplished, you must secure those basic reading matter if a person is even 65 years of age and never has been educated ... basics FIRST and foremost ... just like you can't build a house without a foundation or the whole thing crumbles when it encounters the first snowstorm.

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