A free wordless book and much more

Renee EllisonOct 24, '20

New products, a sale, and new blog posts from Renee Ellison at Homeschool How-Tos.

Listen to Renee share about homeschooling and her heart in the matter

Homeschoolhowtos AdminDec 14, '19

Listen to Renee Ellison explain why she produced these Homeschool How-Tos.  Also, a lively discussion of many topics of interest to homeschoolers.

Online convenient email counseling available

Homeschoolhowtos AdminAug 4, '19

Ever wished you could have a caring, listening ear when you just needed to vent frustration? Wish you could get some strategic steps for solid paths out of your personal jungle? Wish for MORE academic know-how than you currently have? Need shortcuts of all types—domestic and academic? Have chronic relational...