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Meditations on Doré’s Biblical Artwork Masterpieces (e-book) Meditations on Doré’s Biblical Artwork Masterpieces (e-book): Mom, here is a pair of books to fuel your own devotions. Buy the book of 219 pictures. . . more >>

Ethel Barrett CD #3 of Stories for Children: Blister, and Other Stories of Trust and Obedience Ethel Barrett CD #3 of Stories for Children: Blister, and Other Stories of Trust and Obedience: Memorable stories to train young children to trust and obey. Treat your family to an unusual listening. . . more >>

Ethel Barrett CD #2 of Stories for Children: Stop in your tracks! Bible stories Ethel Barrett CD #2 of Stories for Children: Stop in your tracks! Bible stories: Memorably told stories to build the faith of young children. Enjoy listening to the telling of these. . . more >>

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Focus your time and energy while homeschooling, with these practical tips for homeschoolers by Renee Ellison

Homeschool Mom

For quick, inexpensive or free practical boosts for homeschooling, click on one of the subject category tabs above to visit our homeschool resources store. This is your source for tips on a host of home management and homeschool topics to enable you to save time, save energy, and reduce stress. More than 50 of our titles are inexpensively formatted for the Kindle reader.

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Read Renee Ellison’s blog posts for Christian homeschool moms to see what tips this long-term teacher and life-streamliner has for you now. (Around 200 blog posts, which fill 350+ pages if printed out double-spaced—i.e., a free book in itself for you, the homeschooler.) Also, listen to Renee give you inspiration for homeschooling, in 140 free podcasts (over 76 hours of audio) from her weekly radio broadcast for homeschoolers, from 8 to 8:30 pm Pacific Time on Monday evenings and from 11 to 11:30 am Pacific Time on Saturday mornings.

Also, you can subscribe to Renee’s Homeschool How Tos YouTube channel for her mother-friendly boosts via video.

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