Back to books: New price cutting options for homeschoolers and others at

Back to books: New price cutting options for homeschoolers and others at

Renee EllisonOct 12, '20

We've been busyvery busycreating books that we can now make available to you at even lower cost than our always (since 1989) low prices.

Now you can order Zoom-Type and Quick Piano in new book formats for even less $.  Check our our great new options for both keyboarding courses, for as low as $17.95 for the typing book.  We can now send you a link to download the accompanying supporting instructional audio files for both the typing and piano programs.

Also new: these other titles are new or expanded, all, in handy paperback books:

Beyond Discipline: Train your child's character

A Godly Way to Share the Birds and the Bees (now includes the explanations offered by a godly dad from the 1930s)

Biblical Holy Days vs. Pagan Holidays: Reclaiming the divine and ditching the sham.  Special introductory low price of $6.50 for this 100+ page book.

Razor Sharp Teaching Tips for Homeschoolers

Teachers Secrets and Motherhood Savvy

Teach Children Basic Bible Doctrine

Character Traits Coloring Book and Songs

Impossible Evolution

Wise Womanly Ways to Grow Your Marriage

Woman: Crown jewel of Creation or radical feminist

In an era when all of us are having to spend so much of our time starting at computer screens, it's nice to get away from that and curl up on a comfy couch and read a book.  Book reading (including marking it up, etc.) allows an interaction with the content that is only available in that format.  And not much can beat reading a book to a little childespecially when it is the story of Life!

Save money and give your eyes a break by ordering our package deal of a certain 8 of these Homeschool HowTos paperback books.

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