Biblical Holy Days vs. Pagan Holidays

Are you thinking something is off kilter about the way Christians celebrate holidays?  Wondering why the church by at large meets on Sunday rather than on the Sabbath?  Want to get off the treadmill of nonstop work and stress without a day of rest each week and prolonged times of refreshment throughout every year?

This is an engaging, multifaceted 106-page softcover book about reclaiming the divine and ditching the sham holidays.  Discover how the Heavenly Father provided a full day of rejuvenating rest and worship for all people, and how that was lost in history.  Read scriptural and historical evidence for a much-needed and forgotten weekly gift, and for days symmetrically placed throughout each year that are packed with life and meaning.

Nowhere did God command us to celebrate Halloween, Christmas, Easter, or other such days—but He did lay out seven annual festivals and the seventh weekly day for observance by all who love Him, through all generations.  Here is a short introduction to all of them, with convincing logic and beautiful benefits.  Try celebrating these for a year, and see if you don't wind up closer to the Lord you love.  The information in this 100+-page softcover book includes what the divinely ordered holidays are, when to observe them, and simple suggestions for how to celebrate them.

This letter-size softcover book includes all of the content of these seven eBooks:

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