Razor Sharp Teaching Tips for Homeschool Moms

Why you’ll love this book: you’ll learn razor sharp tools to teach with cutting edge effectiveness. It’s a simple education about the entire teaching task. You don’t need a degree in education to educate your child at home. All you need are some razor sharp teaching tips and a little organization.

Instead of wasting time and money trying to obtain a “degree” in education to prepare yourself to homeschool your children, now you can learn superb teaching strategies, at home, by a minimal “degree” of reading. This get-it-right-the-first-time parental teaching primer is all you need.

Part I (the text): 68 pages. Part II: over 100 illustrations of the key points in the text: 102 pages. 164 pages total. Read the table of contents.

Just as the gourmet cook has optimal spices ready to grab, to prepare delectable dishes, so, too, the teacher needs top-notch mental tools handy, to optimally train the brain. By reading this “get-it-right-the first-time” road map to home school excellence, you’ll have those razor-sharp effective tools at your fingertips in no time. You’ll know what you are doing and why you are doing it, from the get-go.

This book collects Renee Ellison’s exceptional educational strategies, which she has taught for decades at homeschool conventions, into an easily understood parental primer. These are mature, seasoned principles, procedures and practices, honed in the trenches of actually being there in schools, with hundreds of children, as well as gathered from her work with scores of families throughout the homeschooling process.

This “big-picture-overview” quick training will eliminate parental brain fog for you, netting you remarkable results. Grab this book and you’ll find it the friend you’ve been looking for: a take-home teacher of your very own, to teach you how to teach.

A reader’s comment:

“I finished Razor Tips! Excellent! 45 years of teaching wisdom digestible in 4.5 hours @14.5 pages a day (glancing at the graphics for instant recall). This should be taught as a Magnificent Mothers’ Mini Course! I plan to use it when asked to speak or give an intro to home schooling. It’s a course in pedagogy for youth and adults to train to teach Sunday school or help with home schooling!” (Polly)