Use short, spaced repetition in your teaching

Use short, spaced repetition in your teaching

Renee EllisonJun 24, '24

This is from a friend in the upper Midwest who homeschooled her children and now assists with that for grandchildren and others: 

“In response to a Home School Leader's blog which advised unschooling a resistant dyslexic and ADHD, a parent asked how to eventually teach this type of child to read. I sent this comment.

“Teach overcoming through short, spaced repetition! I hated vegetables as a child, so my mom had me eat a “no thank you” helping: 2 bites. Then she increased it. I not only got over hating veggies; now I love and crave them!

"Learn with short, spaced repetition! Having ADHD, now 73, I’m teaching myself to read the left hand of piano (an overwhelming impossibility all these years!) using Renee Ellison’s Learn to Read Music by Color, in 3- to 5- minute sessions, 2-3x a day. I'm learning and it's satisfying!

“Dyslexics and ADHD’s can learn to overcome! Small bits of “pain” turn into JOY! To teach reading play Kendore Learning’s fantastic READING GAMES that teach every concept needed, with 5 min. of instruction & hours of fun! Children become overcomers!”

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