Learn to Read Music by Color

If you COLOR it, you can PLAY it!

Now anyone can learn to read notes/music faster by adding color. Students young and adult, including those with dyslexia, have found that adding colors to the notes made a huge difference to them. As they progressed through the note-reading exercises they noticed significant leaps and switches in their brains, and the emergence of new mental hooks to hang on to that were very exciting to them. We never imagined there could be yet another level of help possible in beginning piano, beyond the basic chord shapes that are in our Quick Piano course, but now we find that color adds a profitable new dimension for easier note-reading. Here’s the simple solution for you. Learn to read music with the happy aid of color!  This is a 44-page e-Book.

To look inside the book and read some of the pages, look at our Amazon listing of the paperback book, and then return to this page to buy it for less, as an eBook for you to print out: you have our permission to print out the coloring pages for each person in your household who wants to learn how to read music quickly.  The book is 73 pages because the coloring pages are printed single-sided (for good reason).

Special bonus: when you purchase the bound volume, you may also download the 12 pages of note-coloring worksheets for use by members of your family doing the course, so each of you can learn by coloring the notes, and by repeating the process as often as you like, for reinforcement.