Resources for homeschooling middle school and high school children

Resources for homeschooling middle school and high school children

Renee EllisonJul 10, '24

Question:  "I am going to be homeschooling my children for the first time this coming school year. My son is going into 9th grade and my daughter is going into 7th grade. Do you have any webinars or resources for parents homeschooling middle school and high school children? Or anything that you would recommend I start with?"

Answer from Renee:

So good of you to take them out of public has become such a brainwashing institution for liberal ideologies. Go to our website: and see the materials there that we have for launching your homeschool  --  lots of good helps.  In particular: the godly daughter and godly son checklist e-books are useful for what they each need to become mature adults, carrying the full responsibility of life.  (They're in the 141-page Savvy Teens book, which contains a wealth of info for those years.)  I would also recommend our Zoom Type and Quick Piano courses.  Sons and daughters need to become speedy typists in this modern world, not hunt and peckers.  Moreover, the Quick Piano course helps develop both hemispheres of the brain equally.

A few comments re: curriculum.  ACE curriculum ( is terrific for making children independent learners.  They read, answer questions and CHECK THEIR OWN WORK via thin, small incremental PACES (simple workbooks that are bite size and not overwhelming).   This academic independence is good especially for your son, who needs to not be "smothered by mother" as he is brought home and made to mature.  

I would suggest you run both of your children through ACE's diagnostic test, which is free online, to show what their academic gaps are; you would order only those paces to teach what has fallen through the cracks in their academic skills via the inferior education of the public schools.  Only when they have caught up to where they should be would I then order the grade-level materials (in whatever curriculum you decide to use).

Also, Kevin Swanson's materials are good...the curriculum produced and offered by Generations.  It is very godly, interesting just doesn't free Mom's time up as much as ACE...but is good and solid, well written and colorful.

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