Taming your elementary circus

Taming your elementary circus

Renee EllisonJul 7, '24
How to teach the early grades and stay sane (advice from veteran moms)
Tuesday, July 9th at 12 pm Central Time in the US - 2 hour live Q&A webcast


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Details, from the host/producer, Generations:

How do you get the small ones working well without distraction, and the big ones persevering past the point of “I don’t want to?” — without ultra-strict micro-management that creates a tense atmosphere around schooling?

It gets even more difficult when half the time you can’t tell if they’re struggling because the lesson is over their heads…or if they just aren’t willing to put in the effort.

“I can’t” is so often code for “I don’t want to!” …But sometimes it really does mean, “I can’t!”

So maybe you’ve wondered…

  • Is little Ethan just frustrated because he doesn’t understand immediately — or does he really not get it?
  • Does Emma just feel like it’s too hard — or is it really too much work?
  • How do you discern when to push them, when to discipline — vs when to give them a break, or a hug?
  • And when you do discipline, how can you be sure it shapes your child’s heart and faith — not just his behavior?

Renee Ellison, Durenda Wilson and Brandee Gillham will be sharing how they’ve tackled these, and other teaching problems during this live webcast.

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