Me? Keep the Sabbath?

Want to get off of the treadmill? Discover how the Heavenly Father provided a full day of rejuvenating spiritual rest for man, and how it was lost in history. Scriptural and historical evidence for a much-needed and forgotten gift. Not having grown up observing the Sabbath, this was a revelation to us. Includes a section on Sabbath activities for families with young children. Also includes a 7-page chart of the days of the week in 160 languages throughout world history. (The 1896 chart is also available as a separate downloadable file.)

For young adults and adults. 25 pages. Read the table of contents.

Format options for this item include Kindle, and as a PDF file that is available for you to print out at your own computer as a free eBook.

All of this content is included in the 106-page softcover book on the Biblical Holy Days vs. the Pagan Holidays.