Wholesome things to buy for preschoolers

Wholesome things to buy for preschoolers

Renee EllisonDec 6, '20

If your relatives want to know what to buy for your children, here are suggestions of things that are wholesome, not junk: 

  • Avoid things that require batteries, and avoid toys that do all their thinking for them.  Instead, obtain things to expand their minds.
  • Only three board games are needed all through childhood.  All three of them work the brain.  Preschoolers can learn the beginning moves in all three of these games very early on.
1)  a good larger chess set (not a tiny travel size) with simple, easily distinguishable pieces
2)  a basic old fashioned set of checkers
3)  Scrabble™

  •  A large beach ball for dribbling and soccer-type footwork inside the house.
  • A plastic bowling set to use indoors when your children need action.  Actually, just a ball and tin cans will work great, or large soda bottles.
  • A good old-fashioned small electric typewriter will absorb gobs of time and divert attention away from the alluring computers with the dangerous effects of EMFs on a young developing brain.  Their cheapest typewriter, with the fewest bells and whistles, is plenty adequate.  For best results do not allow your children onto a computer at all until they can type at least 40 words a minute.  Our Zoom-Type course can teach them how—faster than any other system out there in the marketplace—with no keyboard even needed at first.)  Otherwise children will have to unlearn bad neuron-networking to achieve maximum speed in typing later in their lives.
  • Similarly, our Quick Piano course can be used with children as young as four years old.  If you don’t already have a piano, buy an electronic keyboard that has full size keys; five octaves will do.  Save yourself money and trouble by reading our booklet on selecting the best musical instrument for your child; it includes ten steps for choosing the best piano for your home.
  •  A nice large set of Lincoln logs – it provides endless play opportunities.
  • A children’s encyclopedia set.  You won't be able to find this new; find used ones on Bookfinder.com.  The Golden Book Encyclopedia and the Treasury of Knowledge are good sets.  Parents, rapidly go through them and black out the lies about evolution before giving it to the children.
  • We highly recommend the Uncle Arthur [Maxwell]'s Bedtime Stories series, and his Bible Story series.  Those have been pivotal in shaping many a godly child’s young heart.  Also, The Picture Bible by Iva Hoth.  Find them at Bookfinders.com (if you’re in a dry climate, ;look for books that have been in a dry climate, otherwise you’ll be sneezing from an outbreak of mold spores that arrive on the pages of your books).
  • McGuffey Readers are priceless in their content, and start with the first grade.  They’re a series of primers that were the textbooks for millions of children in American schools from the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century.  According to Wikipedia, “It is estimated that at least 120 million copies of McGuffey's Readers were sold between 1836 and 1960, placing its sales in a category with the Bible and Webster's Dictionary.  Since 1961 they have continued to sell at a rate of some 30,000 copies a year.  No other textbook bearing a single person's name has come close to that mark.”  They are what the greats of our country (Thomas Edison, Henry Ford) were raised on.  They teach character values at subtle decision-making levels—and are tremendously compelling.  I've been reviewing elementary readers used in schools in the past fifty years and they have all been rewritten and are milquetoast in comparison.  The modern stories are all twaddle.  You could live without all of that.
  • Classical music recordings—Baroque, harp, harpsichord type—not bombastic symphonies.
  • A full-circle swirl-out fancy skirt or dress for your daughter to put on and dance in the living room to the classical music.  It could even be fancy taffeta, swishy-sounding, but any full-circle fabric will do.
  • Read Training Terrific Tots for more ideas.

Stick with these sorts of things rather than any of the battery-operated everythings and you'll be more apt to produce happy, contented children.

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