Reading curriculum

Reading curriculum

Renee EllisonNov 29, '23

The secret to teaching reading is NOT to teach the capital letters or the alphabet song (if you have already done so, just desist from today onward for several months – ignore them completely).  Use ONLY the lowercase sized letters and only the phonetic sound until the young child is EASILY reading three-letter words with lowercase letters ONLY.

This halts mass confusion at that initial reading step – where a child is overwhelmed with twice as many symbols to learn and twice as many sounds to learn.  We never READ the word "Farm" as the alphabet letter SOUND "F"arm – (we don't NEED the capital letter symbol OR sound, initially) – we READ it as "fffffffffarm" – using only the phonetic sound.  We get three- and four-year-olds easily reading using this first technique, alone.  Eliminating CONFUSION.

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