How to Successfully Train Your Child to Master a Musical Instrument

For many homeschoolers (unless they come from a long line of accomplished musicians), giving musical training to their own children is much like mounting a royal steed and promptly riding off in all directions at once. There is a good way to embark upon musical instruction for your children, and there is a way that ends in disaster. Countless families now have children who hate lessons, won’t have a thing to do with classical music, and never have achieved any personal musical ability with any instrument. Not really knowing what to do, they have all run like sheep over the cliff, content with existing at the bottom of the canyon instead of up on the heights, when it comes to having any more serious musical aspirations. Now let’s reverse this trend and get this musical instruction down right from the start. How do we do this thing WELL? How do we BEST achieve the musical outcomes that many homeschooling families aspire to but never reach?

15-page e-Book. Click here to read the table of contents.  And, read some comprehensive thoughts about the benefits of including classical music in your child's education.  And, watch a three-year-old play piano, thanks to the Quick Piano course.

Want it in print?  This is chapter 10 of our book on Launching Your Homeschool.