What is hurting our health?

What is hurting our health?

Renee EllisonMay 29, '222 comments

This blog was written to me (by me) after 25 years of hunting for answers…

The Standard American Diet (SAD) is hurting us.  We are now the sickest country in the world.  Wealth allowed us to eat large quantities of meat and dairy, while historically the huge populations of China and millions of people elsewhere in Asia ate primarily rice and veggies.  The Aztecs, Mayans, Incas ate corn.  The result?  These people had none of the devastating diet-related diseases we see today.

What is the matter with our diet?  Too much fat.  The fat is cutting lesions in our arteries and is being stashed and stored in warehouses under our skin.  Meat and dairy are particular culprits because they are both loaded with saturated fat.

What is the matter with meat and dairy?

Meat and dairy offer no carbohydrates and no fiber, causing severe constipation. You should be having an easy peanut-butter consistency stool after nearly every meal.  Do you?  We think constipation is normal, because we’ve never known anything else.

Starches, fruits and veggies are loaded with both carbohydrates and fiber.  Athletes have known for decades to binge on carb-loading foods, large plates of vegan spaghetti, or bowls of brown rice, sweet potatoes, beans, squash, etc., before embarking on their marathons, gymnastic meets, pole vaulting, or the like.  They couldn’t do these things if their insides were bogged down with meat and cheese.  They couldn’t get off the ground.  Their bodies knew.

Too much fat. When you cook with meat, what do your pans feel like?  How easy are they to wash up afterwards?  How greasy do your hands get?  Do you find that you must you use detergent to finally get the grease off your pans, or can you just do it with water?  Now think about inside your body, where detergent never reaches to cut up the grease.  How much water does it take to wash the grease down your sink, and to clean your sink?  Are you drinking that much water?  Are you drinking detergent?

Grease and fat coat your cells, making metabolic function far more sluggish, and oxygen uptake dismal, to say nothing of clogging your arteries, which in turn produces increased rates of dementia and stroke in addition to the increased likelihood of heart attacks.  Your first symptoms of a heart attack will be none other than the heart attack itself.  You don’t get warning symptoms.  Grease is not your friend.  Neither is fried grease from french fries and chips.  All oils slowly kill you.  There are no nutrients in any oils—they are extracted away from the nutrients that are contained in the whole plant.

Too much protein.  Plant-based foods give you all the protein you need.  Too much protein stockpiles and becomes the perfect luxury apartment for hosting bacteria and virus.  Cysts and tumors love protein.  Protein gives aflatoxins a place to roost and grow.  Without protein you can eat the same toxic substances and they won’t stick around; they will just pass through your body.  The problem is not the toxin, it is the host.

Too much acid. To buffer this acid, your bones get used up to neutralize the acid.  Your body craves to be alkaline; it’s not optional; your body must maintain the pH within a narrow range.  If your diet is loaded with meat and dairy, you, in effect, will be peeing your bones into the toilet, because the body must pull calcium (which is alkaline) from the bones to counteract the acidity of the animal products.  Welcome to osteoporosis.

The Atkins meat and dairy diet was a joke.  Its founder died an early death due to a heart attack eating this way and he looked sick in the photos in his book.  There were no scientific papers to corroborate his studies and no thousands of healings from cancer.  The Paleo diet is just a re-packaging of this false and failed earlier diet.  It loads you with too much fat, protein and acid.

Want to get out of confusion re: food and health?  Read the book, The Starch Solution, by John McDougal and his wife Mary McDougal, to finally nail why.  (Not sure?  Read 140+ reader reviews of it on Amazon.com.)   Read How Not to Die, by Miichael Gregor, MD, borne out by its 120 pages of evidence from studies of millions of eaters.  If you only have time for 44 pages, order our Turbo-Charged Nutrition for Peak Performance Kids.

Also, watch YouTube videos of any/all of the men below.  We posted links to some very helpful online videos in an earlier blog post here.  Go where the healing results are happening today: The Hippocrates Institute, The Gerson Institute, Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s stuff, Dr. McDougal’s stuff, Dr. Pritikin’s stuff, Dr. Esselstyne’s stuff, Dr. Colin Campbell’s stuff.  You don’t even have to read every page of their books—just look at their thick appendixes in the backs of all of their books—loaded with confirming reports from scientific and medical journals.

A dozen or more doctors now know what good for us, nutritionally.  Try it for just one week or so, and you will know.

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Renee on Jun 19, '22

KImberly here are some breakfast ideas:
Pancake CAKE: instead of having to flip all those pancakes, put all the batter into a glass pan and bake it.
Far less work. Serve with blended fruit for “syrup”.

Big pot of oatmeal — EZPZ and inexpensive. The oats can be soaked overnight as per below link…but this is too much work for 12….and I find that it created some yeast problems eating it every day…but some people do it this way.

Big pot of rice for hot rice cereal…cook with cinnamon and serve with raisins and Bob’s Red Mill Creamy Brown Rice cereal (best price may be from Swanson Health with their 25% off coupon); it comes in a 24 oz. package. Quickly cooked…serve with half of a banana sliced on top. (Marked-down day-old brown bananas are rich in sugar.)

Waldorf salad STUFF, not mixed, just dump handfuls of each of these ingredients on each plate :
Walnuts (rinse to get the mold off that sits in the cracks of nuts)(or any nuts); raisins; 1/2 apple cubed on each plate; cubed celery chunks

Bread cubes in glass pan with eggs (stirred ) and soy (or, for those who don’t need the estrogen, almond) milk dumped over the break cubes; bake.

Kimberly on Jun 19, '22

I am a very financially challenged mother of 12. Attempting to start one meal at a time. Can you give me just a few ideas for breakfasts for this hungry bunch. Thank you for all the work you put into blessing mothers like me. You have been my mentor in so many areas!

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