A Thanksgiving your tummy will thank YOU for :)

A Thanksgiving your tummy will thank YOU for :)

Renee EllisonNov 8, '20

 Remember that sluggish feeling after Thanksgiving dinner—when all you want to do is flop onto the couch?  Well, that doesn't have to be!!!  If you combine your food correctly your tummy will thank YOU and you will have none of that aftermath "downer" brain fog fatigue to deal with.  You'll have loads of energy to enjoy each other more.

Protein and starches use entirely different digestive juices—proteins need the acidic environment of the stomach, whereas starches are digested in the alkaline environment of the intestines—so separate them!

Have your meat and a delicious robust salad one meal, early, then several hours later, for your later dinner, have the potatoes, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie.  You are going to eat all the stuff later anyway for a light dinner, so it might as well be a continuation of the earlier meal, instead of a repeat.

You won't believe the difference in how you feel, and how you'll enjoy all the tastes so much better.  Take enzymes too, if you want.

Watch the movie, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  It documents two men’s turn-arounds to RESTORED complete health.  They rebooted by juicing for 60 days and vigorously exercising.  An aamzing story—SOOOOOOOOOOO inspiring.  Funny, too—superb cartoons of what happens inside your body.  First Rate ALLLLLL THE WAY—good for the whole family to watch—very entertaining.

Here is a list of a dozen movies to pass on to anyone who is suffering through cance, and/or to others who are in the stages of degenerative disease (i.e., nearly everyone).  The whole family might progressively watch through them together so that everyone is on the same page.  Look for them on YouTube, at your local library, Amazon, Netflix or directly from the producer by searching for that title on the Internet.  Some, you can watch right on your computer, at least in part.

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