Typing?  Try these panagrams!

Typing? Try these panagrams!

Renee EllisonDec 8, '21

Is every person in your household (age 5 and older; cats excluded) touch-typing, without looking at the keys?  If not, check out Zoom-Type, the fastest and best way to learn how to type.  (It's always our best-seller at HomeschoolHowTos.com and makes a useful present.)

Want to get started, for free?  Jump-start your zoom-typing by watching this short recent YouTube video that teaches you how to learn the geography of the keys in under 15 minutes. 

How about some fun practice ideas, to improve your typing speed?  You probably already know that this classic sentence (or some variation of it) uses all the letters in the English alphabet:  The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.  That sentence is a pangram — a series of words that utilizes all the letters of an alphabet.  The word pangram is derived from the Greek for all letters (pan = ALL + grámma = LETTER).  Read more about it at 

Pangrams are great for typing practice because they require you to use every letter on the keyboard.  Here's another one, that you may enjoy practicing after you've learned how to type in just five days using the Zoom-Type course:

God created zebras and foxes to walk, jump and hide very quickly.

This pangram is not as efficient (it uses 50 characters) as the classic sentence (which only uses 33), but it has a sweet focus, don’t you think?

We're running a contest!  Send us a pangram that uses 30 or fewer characters, and that conveys a good and godly message.  If you do, we're likely to be able to offer you a coupon for one of our eBooks or Kindle books (give us your requested title).

Also, you can download a list of typing tests and games: links to a number of free online typing tests and keyboarding games.

By the way, the Word of God contains a pangram of the world's first and oldest language, Hebrew—in Zephaniah 3:8.  Interestingly, the very next verse may prophesy the revival of the use of Hebrew: "For then I shall turn unto the peoples a clean lip, so that they all call on the Name of the Lord, to serve Him with one shoulder."  To give yourself a boost in learning the original language, order our Hebrew Zoom-Type course.

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