Hebrew Zoom-Type

Frustrated with trying to type Hebrew words? Maybe you know the letters, but you’re bogging down while you painstakingly hunt for them. How would you like to be able to email Hebrew words and phrases to your friends and be able to quickly type Scripture verses in their original language?


You are too busy to hunt and peck
Most people today are too busy to take a year off to learn how to touch-type—so they just hunt and peck on the keyboard instead. The hunt and peck approach, however, requires a constant movement of the head back and forth for visual relocation between the page, the screen, and the keyboard. Valuable mini-seconds and energy are lost between each letter typed. This frequent occurrence adds up to scores of hours lost in production time and efficiency. With the hunt and peck system, there is simply no way to increase typing speed past a certain point. Turn your frustration into joy with Hebrew Zoom-Type!

Learn in one week! 
The Zoom-Type method has proved itself. For the past 30 years, children and adults around the world have learned to type (with the English version) in just one week. Now, Hebrew students can benefit from this time-tested method, too!

For both Hebrew beginners and fluent Hebrew speakers.
Don’t worry if you are not yet fluent in Hebrew. The flash-card approach of this program provides vital reinforcement for any level. With Hebrew Zoom-Type, you will master the AlephBet and 280 of the most commonly used Hebrew words.

How does it work?
Zoom-Type is nearly effortless. It is fun, quick, and effective. It is completely portable—no computer keyboard is necessary in the learning stage, so you can learn to type on your way to Israel, or on a road trip.

Finger-tap your way through the fast-changing snapshots right on the pages of the book. When you see the letters, all you do is:
1). Tap the letters with the correct fingers
2). Say the letters out loud as you tap
When you don’t see the letters, you tap and say what you remember they were. That’s all there is to it!

Why wait any longer to confidently type in Hebrew? Order today! 

1 wirebound volume (128 pages)