Expecting a child—a son?

Expecting a child—a son?

Todd EllisonNov 26, '23

If you or someone you know may be welcoming a newborn baby boy into the home, more information regarding the matter of infant male circumcision could be eye-opening to you.  The other day at my annual physical exam my doctor, who has seen tens of thousands of penises in his line of work, noted that since 2019 fewer and fewer baby boys have been circumcised.  (And for good reason, I would add; more about that, below.)  I asked him how many of all the males he has seen were circumcised using the original (we would say, God-initiated, starting with our spiritual forefather Abraham) mild method that only removed the portion of the foreskin that was not attached to the glans, only the small portion that was to the “fore.”  He has seldom seen any of those restrained circumcisions.

Until recently, hardly any parents had any awareness of how drastic and unnecessarily barbaric the circumcision process has been for the last two thousand years (since the days of the Roman Empire).  In the past few decades, word has come out, revealing the full extent of the genital mutilation that became commonplace in much of the western world but was originally done only to Jewish males so as to prevent them from trying to pass as Gentiles when it was especially life-threatening to be identified as a Jew. 

Few parents today are aware that there are three options for a baby boy: to leave things as they are and do no circumcision, to trash the divine masterpiece by peeling off and cutting away the entire foreskin, or to do what Almighty God told our ancient forefathers to do on the 8th day when the baby boy’s Vitamin K levels are at an all-time high for healing.  Few people even today realize that the original procedure was so (relatively) nonintrusive and low-pain that it could be done without medical assistance in the ancient times.  It should not be surprising to discover that our loving and merciful heavenly Father prescribed what would be best for our men—as babies, as young boys, as married men, and as aging old men.  Yes, His method is far better than either of the other two options.

To read about it, order the free 12-page brief version of our popular e-Book, Circumcision: Biblical vs. modern.  Or, pay 99 cents for the full 34-page study.  Also, listen to that entire study on a free 120-minute audio download.  Once again, historical evidence opens our eyes and leads us back toward the good plan a loving God has had for us all along.

Note: this is informational and is not medical advice and cannot be construed as the giving of any medical advice.  Once you have gathered information it will be up to you to decide how to proceed.

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