Circumcision: Biblical vs. modern

Pain and lifelong damage are being wrought on just-born baby boys by medical professionals who, by now, should know better.  In  short: they are doing the operation too soon and in a manner that is unnecessarily brutal and needlessly destructive.  If you are facing the possibility of becoming the parent of a boy, why not start by reading this free eBook and becoming informed as to your three options, and then becoming empowered to exercise your parental right to order (if you so choose) a fairly minor Brit Milah circumcision on the 8th day in the way it was done in ancient Biblical times, rather than the potentially dangerous and much more damaging Brit Periah before the baby comes home from the hospital at day 1 or 2 or 3 (which is the standard practice today for those who choose circumcision). 

The act of circumcision has left modern man perplexed.  What does it mean?  Is it necessary?  Do we do it or don’t we?  Do we do it for health reasons or for religious reasons—or both?  Is it archaic?  Can we jettison the procedure completely?  As a father, what should I decide about it, for my infant son, if not for myself?

As if these questions were not enough, let us ask another question entirely—which is the primary question of this book.  Is the manner in which we do circumcision biblical?  Has the medical establishment gone beyond the Creator’s original intent for this procedure? If so, what have been the consequences?

There are two very different methods of circumcision: the true biblical circumcision, which is a harmless and minimal ritual that is a mark of the covenant, and rabbinic/ medical circumcision, which is an unnecessary mutilation.  Biblical circumcision is completely different from modern circumcision.  Read this to understand the difference.  This is a frank presentation of a topic that has heretofore been largely taboo, with the result that some are needlessly suffering from the results of following a tradition that is much altered from the original.  The light shed on this topic can further every family’s happiness, health and holiness.

The biblical teaching on male circumcision has been mutilated over time, resulting in a destructive practice, on the one hand, and (increasingly), a recent total disregard of the practice, on the other hand—even by many who would claim to be people of faith in the God of the Bible.  Read this overview of the topic to gain what may perhaps be a new perspective for you regarding the Creator’s commands in instituting the practice, how it has been changed over time, and what you can do about it now.

Here's the summary question: would the Creator design man so superbly in this aspect, and then expect him to sacrifice that divinely constructed aspect of his anatomy, which was made to maximize the pleasure of the marital union?  Rather, was there a time in history whenfor reasons that have nothing to do with scripturea group of men, however well-intended, made a radical change to a divine commandment that went far beyond what He intended, and thereby trashed a masterpiece? 

This information will be especially useful to you if you know ahead of time that you are about to have a son—a baby boy.  It’s much better to think about this topic now, rather than once he is born.  At the time that parents make the circumcision decision, typically within eight days (which we will explain later), many are not aware of the information that is presented here.  By not studying the information that would intelligently guide them through their choices on this issue, some are deciding against circumcision by default.  Doctors usually do not provide this information.

Care in presenting these concepts:

Most of us are ill-informed about topics like this one, largely due to concerns about propriety and modesty.  This book was written exclusively for adults who want to follow biblical teachings for life and practice and who want to study further this most sensitive (literally, if you are a male) topic.  It is a natural topic. Scripture is not silent regarding it, and neither should we—within the bounds of propriety.

A caution: to protect moral propriety we have intentionally chosen not to provide clickable direct references to online sources documenting this topic, but have used footnotes, instead.  We have only provided hyperlinks to non-sensitive basic information and scripture references, for quicker access.  You, as a parent, will need to carefully decide whether or not to type in a website address to view referenced web pages.  Most of the images displayed there are diagrams; any photographs are clinical, not pornographic.  Nonetheless, discretion is advised; be sure to clear the link afterwards.  If you are under 18, we recommend that you read, view and discuss this information in the presence of your parents.  Trust us: this is for your good!  If you don’t want to see those images, or if you are under 18 and don’t have your parents’ permission to see them, don’t follow those references.  This text covers the topic sufficiently; you don’t need to see the pictures, detailed descriptions, and diagrams . If you are under age and don’t have your parents’ permission to read this, or if you live somewhere where it’s illegal for you to see these images or consider this information, do not order this title.

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