Jewish [Biblical] Holidays Made Simple

Nowhere did the Heavenly Father command us to celebrate Valentine’s Day or Halloween or other such days. But He did command the Hebrews to celebrate His feast days. They are packed with meaning and analogy and renewal instead of exhaustion. Try celebrating these for a year—see if you don’t wind up closer to the God you love. Information includes what the holidays are, when to celebrate them, and simple suggestions for how to celebrate them. For all ages. 25 pages (print version, until sold out); 43 pages (eBook updated 3/28/2021) . Read the table of contents.

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Also free: a free excerpt from this booklet, as a separate PDF file, is the most recent version of our simple, child-friendly symbolic 3-page Christ-centered haggadah of the Passover Seder, which you have permission to copy and use for non-commercial purposes.  Also free: a chart suggesting the days of the week of the events of Holy Week then and now (in that year and in 2021) (you can modify it to update it to the current year).

All of this content is included in the 106-page softcover book on the Biblical Holy Days vs. the Pagan Holidays.