Zoom-Type and Quick Piano

Learn to type and play the piano with Zoom-Type and Quick Piano.

You can conquer these two lifetime skills seemingly effortlessly with these two programs. These fast-paced courses are so novel and fun, you’ll have no trouble launching them. The audio CD’s do it FOR you !

Save $12 by ordering both courses at the same time—a 20% discount! Both of these keyboarding courses use a revolutionary right brain approach, with pictures. You can conquer these two lifetime skills as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Each course includes an audio CD, tests, and practice materials.

Zoom-Type and Quick Piano are the world’s fastest keyboarding courses, and are a super addition to your home school day. Because each lesson lasts no more than 5 minutes, you can fit in several short sessions a day—while continuing with your other academics.

Don't have a way to play an audio CD?  No problem.  Choose the electronic audio files option, or email us right after you've placed your order for the Zoom-Type and Quick Piano books and CDs, and ask us to send you the mp3 files instead.  No extra charge.  Instead of including the regular cda audio cd's we'll send the audio tracks/files to you via WeTransfer.com (the total file size is about 84MB).

This entire piano course costs less than even one or two lessons with professionals and private tutors.  Save yourself the driving, too.  Stay home and relax, while your children become finger-flying experts in both skills!!!

A happy user commented: I looooove learning the piano with Quick Piano because I love music! I tried to learn my favorite songs by matching the notes to my voice but it took so long; with your piano program I can just play without stopping. (I sit down to play the piano about ten times a day!) I love the Zoom-Type too because I can type and I don’t have to “Hunt and Peck.” My sister always says “You type fast.” Thank you for making these things. I am Laura Pollak’s eight-year old daughter.

For more information about this approach to learning how to do both keyboards--piano and computer--watch a video of Renee Ellison describing this method.

Bonus: free mini hand pointer when you place this order.  (Add it to your cart and use coupon code FreePointer; we're reduce the charge by that amount.)  While supplies last.