Gospel in Colors (booklet)

Here is a way to share the timeless gospel message of God's love via a simple, small booklet of colors.  Includes a little poem that explains the meaning of each color. Quite the winsome tool. For elementary ages and up, and useful for sharing the gospel with persons who don’t speak the same language as you.

Buy the booklet (12 pages, size 5" x 4"), printed on cardstock in full color, or you can select the free 3-page eBook for you to print out yourself and make your own.

Also, print out the single-page 4-panel foldable booklet about the power of the blood of Jesus (Yeshua).  Don't have a color printer?  Have your children color the wavy lines red, while they learn about how the Savior's shed blood delivers us from the three deadly P's of sin: its penalty, its power and its presence.