Teach Phonics Faster (teaser)

Want to teach phonics in a way that gets your child reading faster? Read this teaser, to discover what is different about our Fast Phonics course.

Want to make teaching phonics easier, too? Most phonetic programs are loaded with way too much tedium and far too many bells, whistles and games. In the public school it takes about a year (most of first grade) to conquer the reading skill. Many commercial phonics programs take six to eight months to wade through. However, if you’ll proceed with THIS FIRST STEP—in exactly the following manner—your child should be able to read significantly in a matter of weeks instead of months. This method kaleidoscopes the task down into “bare-bones-speedy-minimums”. This translates to more energy for Mom and quicker reading joy for her children.

Read the table of contents. Begin with this first step and then follow with whatever phonics program you currently own. You will zoom through WHATEVER program you have. Why? Because the lion’s share is already done. The rest is mop-up work. With this foundation, the child will have already fully grasped the decoding KEY.