Joe and God (Ethel Barrett audio story)

For the children... a treat from the old 45 records our family grew up with, by Ethel Barrett, who told Bible type stories with organ sound effects :).

Click here to open and hear this free audio file of the story of Joe and God, as told by Ethel Barrett.  (For this week! No need to put it in your cart or to log in to hear it. ) It will give your young child (and your family) a view of the events of Passover Week as seen through the eyes of a little boy.  It is a free download, not for resale or re-use for commercial purposes.

This is the first of ten stories on the audio CD of Ethel Barrett's Stories for Children #3, only available from Buy all three audio CDs, containing dozens of her stories, only $5.99 per cd, and treat your young family to an unforgettable listening experience – resurrected in digital form from LP recordings produced a half century ago.  [You may find the book, God and a Boy Named Joe, on Amazon or on Abebooks]

Known as “The Story Lady,” Ethel Barrett had an exceptional ability to write and dramatize stories based on the Bible.