Ethel Barrett CD #3 of Stories for Children: Blister, and Other Stories of Trust and Obedience

Memorable stories to train young children to trust and obey.

Treat your family to an unusual listening experience–resur­rected in digital form (with occasional audio distortions) from much-loved LP recordings produced a half century ago. Renée, along with many adults today, has warm memories of hearing these as a young child.

Known as “The Story Lady,” Ethel Barrett (1913-1998) “was a prolific Christian writer, speaker, and storyteller, whose popularity peaked between the early 1950s and the mid-1980s.  She sold millions of copies of over 40 different books for publishers like Zondervan, Gospel Light and Regal Books.  The latter printed and sold more than 4 million copies of her work.  She also recorded over 30 audio recordings distributed on records and tapes.”

A decade after Barrett’s death the Christian Storytelling Convention of 2007 honored her with “the Great Christian Storyteller Award for the last 100 years.” (Source:

10 stories on one audio CD (nearly 78 minutes), available digitally only at

+ Track 1: Joe and God: Passover Week as seen through the eyes of a little boy (14.25 minutes)  (listen to this one now)

+ Track 2: Blister: The story of a stubborn lamb who found his way the hard way (from John 10) (5.75 minutes)

+ Track 3: The man who believed God: The adventures of an old man who took God at His word (a true story) (6.5 minutes)

+ Track 4: The prayer that reached the sky: A true missionary story about a missionary pilot (6.25 minutes)

+ Track 5: Justice plus: The story of a boy who pretended to be sick so he could stay home from school; and it worked—better than he planned! (6.5 minutes)

+ Track 6: Buzz the bee: The story of a little bee with big ideas that got him into a lot of trouble (6.5 minutes)

+ Track 7: Bobblywinks (Part 1): I’m too little (7.5 minutes)

+ Track 8: Bobblywinks (Part 2): I’m too big (7 minutes)

+ Track 9: Bobblywinks and Sue: The garden that wouldn’t hurry (10 minutes)

+ Track 10: Bobblywinks and Sue: You’re not supposed to (7.25 minutes)