Online convenient email counseling available

Online convenient email counseling available

Homeschoolhowtos AdminAug 4, '19
  • Ever wished you could have a caring, listening ear when you just needed to vent frustration?
  • Wish you could get some strategic steps for solid paths out of your personal jungle?
  • Wish for MORE academic know-how than you currently have?
  • Need shortcuts of all types—domestic and academic?
  • Have chronic relational problems?
  • Wish you had help with organizational problems?
  • Need new light on some emotional problems?
Now you can receive real help fast—often within 24 hours—and as close to you as your laptop. Instead of having to leave home, driving sometimes far distances to get to a good counselor, or even being able to find someone who can speak to a homeschooler’s specific needs, within a Judeo-Christian context, who has had over three decades of experience in the field, you can have immediate help at the end of your fingertips by emailing for such help at any hour of the day or night.

After many years of being asked to do private counseling, some mothers requesting that Renee even come TO their homes for counseling and demonstrating, Renee is announcing that she will now do ONLINE COUNSELING, for your ease and convenience.

This personal counseling is available to you at US$25 per half hour—to be paid in full via PayPal before the first 1/2 hour of counseling begins. A minimum of $25 is required—even if your question(s) can be answered in less time (in that case, you are credited the remaining amount to use whenever you’d like).

You may ask as many questions on any topic (or many differing topics) as you’d like, working back and forth with Renee, via emails (many questions are answered easily in a few minutes) until those minutes are used up—i.e. until the total response time reaches a 1/2 hour—at which time if you want to continue, you pre-pay PayPal US$25 again for each subsequent 1/2 hour. You may quit at any time.

If your question is a quickly answered one, the remaining minutes of response time are not refunded but are saved as a credit for you to use toward future email counseling.

Renee notes the total number of minutes used at the bottom of each email to you, so you know where you are minute-wise at all times.

Why wait? Get stress relief now.  It’s only an email away!

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