Would Fast Phonics help a student who is struggling to read?

Would Fast Phonics help a student who is struggling to read?

Renee EllisonApr 22, '20

A number of moms who have listened to Renee’s description of the Fast Phonics program and/or have seen a three-year-old doing it have been wondering if it would work for older children who still have difficulty reading.

The answer is yes.  Regardless of a student’s age, you run that child back through the developmental steps to uncover the source of the problem.

Because spot tests are built into the Fast Phonics course all along the way, you will know exactly what the child hasn’t mastered, as you proceed through the course.  If you use our program and the student still can’t read, you’ll know it is neurological—but a huge number of children struggle with reading because they have missed mastery of one of the vital stepping stones, because:


...too much was thrown at them in the beginning. Imagine seeing both capital and small Arabic/ Hebrew/ Swahili letters at once and being told that five of those letter have two or more sounds that they can say.  That would be a recipe for a cognitive nightmare, and this is what most children go through with English.


...the steps were thrown at them in the wrong order.


...and/or they were moved ahead before testing for absolute air-tight mastery/competence at the stage before. They didn’t get it at that level but were pushed ahead anyway.

The Fast Phonics program is a small financial risk to get the job done right.  By running your child back through the steps now from the beginning, in the right way, with solid incremental testing/feedback all along the way, that child won’t fall through the cracks, because there are no cracks!

It is worthwhile to lay this foundation rock solid.

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