Using the ACE online diagnostic tests shows you the gaps in your elementary child’s learning

Using the ACE online diagnostic tests shows you the gaps in your elementary child’s learning

Renee EllisonSep 21, '22

Have your children been sitting in a public or private school and are now being brought home to school?  If that’s your situation, you probably want to get a handle on where they are academically.  Running them through the free online ACE diagnostic testing is a good way to do do that.

ACE diagnostic testing tips

  1. It’s a good idea to begin with the math.  Get that out of the way, and do it while the student is fresh.
  1. Another tip is to break up the testing, doing only 1/2 hour at a time...over several the student doesn't burn out.  You could try doing two sessions a day, if you'd like to speed it up and you see that the child can take it. And yes, they can use scratch paper.
  1. Do the diagnostic test levels until they reach problems they have never seen before and haven't a clue how to do them.  That is when you stop/finish with the testing, in both the math and the reading. 

Cheerleading: Emotional boosts you can give the young test-taker

Encourage your children psychologically throughout the testing.  Tell them that tackling what they can't do well now will make them very competent for their adult life.   Remind them that this makes them brilliant, in many cases brilliant above all their public schooled peers.

Remind them that a BETTER THEM is your goal because you love them dearly...that you are doing this for their OWN sake, for their eventual power and ability in life.  It is to THEIR ADVANTAGE to work through this. 

All children balk at schooling.  Start with the expectation that you will have to sweet talk them through it all, every day!!!!  You are their cheerleader.  Tell them that they are advancing now by leaps and bounds.  They can exercise mental muscle one hour a day six days a week all year long and STILL play during the 12 or 13 remaining hours every day that are left over.  It doesn't HURT them to be developing mental muscle.

Re: you

Don't have ANY expectations regarding the outcome at this point.  Just quietly take each step with confidence that what you are doing is right for the student(s) and love them through the process.  This is home, not a government classroom governed by strangers.

Quietly and steadily shape and influence the next generation as best you can...without expectations.  Just take ‘em where they are and move them forward bit by bit, and you'll stay a peaceful woman.
You can do are THE woman for the hour.

God is using you, BIG-LY  🙂 .

Rootin' for ya,


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