Truly we are fearfully and wonderfully made—and proportioned

Truly we are fearfully and wonderfully made—and proportioned

Todd EllisonNov 20, '22

Here's something to be thankful for this week!  The Principle of the Golden Ratio shows that the human body is in perfect mathematical proportions within itself.  Try it out on your own body or your children's bodies.

  • The length of the pointer finger from the tip to the second knuckle is the same length as the nose.
  • The forearm, measured from the elbow to the wrist is the same length as the foot.
  • The circumference of a fisted hand is the same length as that of the foot.
  • The body height is eight times the length of the head.
  • The span of laterally outstretched arms, measured from finger-tip to finger-tip, is equal to the height of the body.
  • The length of the hand is the same as the length of the face.
  • The length from ankle to knee is the same as the length from chin to navel.
  • The height of face equals the length of the hand.

Wonder what else our God has done in mysteries beyond measure :).  He always has two witnesses for everything that is important (e.g. two thieves on crosses on each side of his; fins and scales as indicators that a fish is clean meat for us to eat, etc.).  To reveal Himself--and the Gospel--to us He has displayed His nature through His work of creation seen since the first week of Creation by every man (as the Apostle wrote in Romans 1:16-25) and (as noted so well by the Apostle John in the gospel of John 1 and in his letter of 1 John 1) He has revealed His person to us through the man Christ Jesus (Yeshua) who lived and walked among us for 33 years that we may know the love of God and be cleansed from sin.

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