Tips for homeschooling with few or no resources

Tips for homeschooling with few or no resources

Renee EllisonSep 2, '20

Use your best and last money to educate your children.  However, if and when all money runs out, and/or there is a total collapse of the economy, here are some tips for how to teach on a shoestring.

For starters, use what you HAVE. It is the old Biblical principle of the loaves and the fishes.  Start with what you HAVE and your Heavenly Father will multiply other materials to you as you conquer the ones you already have, first.  If you are out of your element, for example away from your home country, use any God-honoring book that was written in your child's mother tongue.  You can read to young children from it; older children can take dictation from it, narrate back to you what they have heard, and write about it.  If they are young, they can learn the alphabet and how to read from it word by word.  They could even add and subtract by counting all of the words on the page, dividing them, multiplying the lines of them, estimating how many are on the next page, summarize a page of it at a time, outline it, etc . Some moms might be prone to think with a sigh, “I don’t have COMPLETE course work for all of the children” and might use that fact to be tempted to do nothing at all. But just use what you CAN get your hands on, until THAT is conquered.

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