Thoughts on Passover and the Festival of Unleavened Bread

Thoughts on Passover and the Festival of Unleavened Bread

Todd EllisonMar 21, '21

Passover is the only one of the special Biblical holy events that happens in the evening and at night. Some who observe it stay up all night on that night each year.

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Click here to download a handy one-page chart that shows the days of the week during the week of the Lord’s Passion, and in 2021.

The participants in the original Passover would have had many, many hours to get their emotions ready to leave Egypt and think through all of the implications…knowing they were exiting “Babylon” for the rest of their lives, and to do last-minute packing. They were trapped in their houses, by divine edict. from sunset on. It would have had the eerie, terrifying feeling of parents telling their children don’t go outside for anything, stay right here in the house, lock the doors, bolt the windows, the police are dealing with a serial killer out on the front lawn.

Passover is a picture of the Passover at the end of the ages, where we will all spill out of the ends of the earth and be gathered to Jerusalem. Isaiah 60:8 (all future): “Who are these that fly along like clouds, like doves to their nests?...bringing your sons from afar…etc” Whether this trip is made in airplanes and ships or just like birds supernaturally transported, we do not know.

Several cups of wine/grape juice are partaken of during the meal. One of them, however, is poured but not consumed. This is the cup the Messiah will drink with us in the Millennium. This detail is further indication that Passover is an everlasting ordinance that has a future completion, and that it was never done away with (Leviticus 23). Passover is the only communion each year that we are required to partake of…all other communions are additional.

Yeshua the Messiah separated the revelation about the bread and the wine by some period of time during the meal, revealing what they symbolized as they naturally came to partake of them in the service. (By the way, when He broke bread with two of His disciples after His resurrection, it was again when they were naturally going to eat bread. He broke it for them, and when He broke it, they observed the scars in his hands, and it was then that their eyes were opened.) Fascinating how He anoints the ordinary, and opens the curtain to the supernatural when we least expect it.

That He releases destroying angels, for the wicked, simultaneously with alternative plans for the righteous. He will be doing both works at once at the end of the ages, as he releases the four horsemen of Revelation 6. Imagine the complexity of the divine mind fashioning different plans for each individual in the entire earth…6 billion of them.

What a work of God that would have made the Egyptians, the following morning, strip off their jewelry and give it to the Jews, saying “Here, take anything in my house; just get out of here.”  No wonder the news spread and the fear of them was on all the towns of people they would meet in the future. “The knowledge of the Lord will cover the earth.”

Here is an easy recipe for unleavened bread to eat for the Feast of Unleavened Bread—to eat all week:
1 cup flour, 1/4 cup oil, 1/4 cup water. Knead for 8 minutes by hand. Divide into 8 sections of dough. Pat or roll out to six inch circles. Fry in small skillet.

We once heard that In Jerusalem there is a LAW on the books, that bakers and restaurants can’t show any leavened bread products in their display windows/cases during these days. They don’t want even a smidgeon of temptation around! Leaven is the picture of sin and the Lord wants not a crumb left…the notion of spring house cleaning originally came from the Bible!!!

The Heavenly Father’s ways, thoughts, plans, ordinances, laws are unfathomable…what He is REALLY trying to do with us or show us through them all. It will take eternity to explore the depth of them.


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