Tho'ts on shots

Tho'ts on shots

Todd EllisonMar 8, '21
This video of an interview with veteran MD Dr. Lee Merritt offers facts that must be considered by each person who is deciding whether or not to receive the coronavirus shots that are being so widely pushed on the populace.  It provides credible information from a 40-year doctor who studied biological warfare weapons during her 10-year stint in the military. It provides a great overview in layman’s terms--from a perspective that may be new to you.

Also, Daniel Joseph has made a presentation of substantiated details, agreeing with Dr. Susan Merritt's conclusions without even mentioning her (i.e., this is a second witness), and it is very worth watching/hearing.
A Response To Focus On The Family
Unfortunately, in a rare instance of unbalanced journalism by that valued ministry, Focus on the Family recently gave a huge promotion to the so-called vaccinations (these shots really are NOT vaccines).  Confronting that, Mr. Daniel reports that thousands upon thousands of doctors, a number of them Christians, have major concerns about people letting these medical experiments change their DNA by inserting a foreign, artificial synthetic code into people's bodies.  It is introducing artificial intelligence into humans' cells--which is on the road to transhumanism--and it includes propylene glycol (i.e., radiator fluid), which causes an allergic reaction in about 70% of patients.  Daniel notes that there were no tests of persons over 70, or pregnant women.  The auto-immune cascade triggered by these shots is why even the animal studies were ended: the body starts destroying itself via a cytokine storm.  And now, people who received the shots are testing positive for HIV!

If further evidence of these dangers is needed, one can look to Israel, which has allowed itself to be a national laboratory for the shots by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer.  Sadly, the tiny nation of Israel, despite the brilliance of its accumulated technological and medical expertise, is faring far worse, proportionately, than massive third-world India, which has chosen to focus instead in providing low-cost highly effective coronavirus protection kits to its citzens. For a second report on Israel's tragedy, see this.

Don't you agree--this is becoming perhaps the most major issue of our time.  Broadly sharing videos like these is a part of the informed consent that has been largely missing in the national promotion of these shots.

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