The two most colossal temptations of all time

The two most colossal temptations of all time

Renee EllisonMar 19, '23

At the core of the universe, the enemy has "raged about as a roaring lion" to procure one thing and one thing only: to gain access to and dominion over the quiet seat of volition in the heart of man and in God Himself.  Where sits man's ultimate will and loyalty?   Where sits the Son of God's ultimate will and loyalty?  Can it be tempted?

The enemy's  ambition belies a pernicious, insistent obsession: to own the bend of the soul of both.  Adam and Eve were tempted.  The very Son of God was tempted.  The similarities in the temptations are jaw-dropping. 

Both temptations were hurled at BEGINNINGS
Both mankind and the Son of God were hit with their ultimate temptations at the outset, at their inaugural beginnings.  There were no small, lesser, mincing temptations to get used to.  The vicious attack was like a wet towel hitting their faces out of seemingly nowhere, at the get-go.  No warning, no building spiritual muscle.  No military strategy learned or even hinted at being needed prior to the onslaught.  It all began with the enemy's colossal knock-out slug, the results of which would reverberate throughout time in both cases. 

Adam and Even had just been created, and the Son of God had just come up out of the libation waters, (His baptism) with a pronouncement from God Himself that this was the very Son of God, with whom God the Father was well pleased.  Whammo: in walks the enemy to deliver his doozie of a frontal assault.  And what is even wilder is that God allows it!  Why?  Could it be, might it be, because the issue of lordship had to be put to us as our first question and will be put to us again as our last question with our dying breath?  Is it perhaps because there is no other ultimate question?

Both temptations began with implanting serious doubt:
In Adam's case:   "Did God say?"

In Yeshua's case:   "IF you are the Son of God..."

Increased God-ness was offered AS the temptation in both cases.
In Adam's case:   "You will become like God."

In Yeshua's case:   "I'll give you my authority over the nations." 

Both temptations very probably occurred in the exact same spot, on the high places:
Adam's on Mt. Zion (Ezekiel 28:13 describes Eden as Mt. Zion).

Yeshua's on Mt. Zion at the height of the Temple’s pinnacle.  (see notes below)

Adam failed by being led out into his own reasonings.

Yeshua triumphed by clinging to God's eternal word, already established.


The questions were these, ultimately:

Where is the heart?  Who owns its allegiance?  What is its bent?  Where does it LIVE, day in and day out, in and out of all decisions little and big?   Both God and the enemy want ever to know the answer.

* Satan's FIVE "I wills" (Isa. 14: 13, 14) are met with God's FIVE "I wills" (Isa. 13:11, 12).

* There was war in the celestial Eden (Mt. Zion) before time (Ezek. 28:16): I drove you from the Mt. of God, expelled you.

* There was war in the earthly Eden (Genesis 3): Adam and Eve were driven from the Mt. of God, expelled.

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