Teaching, line upon line, precept upon precept

Teaching, line upon line, precept upon precept

Renee EllisonSep 23, '20

The education of her own children should be a mother’s top priority.  Parents’ discipleship of their children is to be total, and is more important than discipling an outsider or an extended family member.

A child should be educated to his/her FULL POTENTIAL in as MANY areas as possible, engaging in a full spectrum of skills AND ever-developing mental capability.  It is not enough to only know how to read, or how to do math minimally, or to know only a few difficult spelling words, etc.

This education should not be casual, not random, not hit or miss.  It should be done line upon line, precept upon precept, every day—a full load—a non-negotiable routine/habit.

We would urge you to determine and resolve to order ACE as soon as it is humanly and circumstantially possible.  If funds are tight, first provide for the curriculum your oldest child needs, then move on down the line as the money is available.

In the meantime, proceed ahead with schooling at mach speed to make up for lost time. You might find it really helpful to order our one page Academic Checklist (it’s a free download once you've logged in to homeschoolhowtos.com).  This lists all of the areas to attack inch by inch, incrementally, day by day, in whatever way you can muster at this point.  Every little bit of education helps.  For example: turn the computer off and have each child just learn now to type A with the CORRECT finger, today.  Then AB, tomorrow, then ABC the next day and so on.  Just inch them forward in every subject.  (Better yet, order our Zoom-Type course and conquer touch-typing this week!)  Tackle every subject this way.

Occupy all of your children MEANINGFULLY, to their enlargement, daily.  Here’s a basic suggestion for how to structure your homeschool day: mornings are for academics, chores, and exercise.  Afternoons are for making money and serving.

Each day is a little economic unit of time.  What is not earned today means a “deer in the headlights” day down the road.

Following this daily pattern can lead to a life of no regrets.

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