Taking Thanksgiving to another level

Taking Thanksgiving to another level

Renee EllisonNov 23, '23

Without a real God to be thankful to, ungrateful humanists descend into a mess of mental conundrums.

Let's take the theory of evolution for example.  What gives evolutionists a royal headache?  Any concept that doesn't work in their godless theory.  Creation doesn't need a God to have happened, or does it?

Here's a concept that only God could pull off: the concept of symbiosis.  Let's say that the evolutionists' imagined mutations can make the bee, and their imagined mutations can make the flower, but evolutionists can't make the bee WANT the flower nor the flower NEED the bee.  Aha, symbiosis..."there's the rub."  All the evolutionists' proud mutations are destructive processes, not constructive ones. They deform, deflate, de-organize, and dis-assemble.  So, kiss the bee and the flower good-bye, and bury the idea that they would ever need each other.  And for heaven's sake, don't be thankful.  To Whom or what?

Truly, we have been born into a complex and creative universe designed by a very immense intellect, with whom we come to eventually live in a continual state of amazed thanksgiving.

What if we had been born into a vacant universe?  No things in that universe, no stuff to fiddle with--just vacant people walking around like fence posts in a daze  and going to vacant events.  Nothin' happenin' anywhere.  Thankfully, what we do see in the world that God designed is the exact opposite: everything in every direction, an infinite realm, replete with an infinite possibility.

Let's take a few "on the edge" examples of the infinity that God planted in everyday things, that we normally pass by without thought.  Our 360-degree infinite reality gives us plenty of material to evoke new thanksgivings in ever-new directions.

Here are some examples.  Any domestic chore done by man or woman eventually encounters a problem: it could be done infinitely!  Ack!  Someone could clean house to an infinite degree, eventually using even Q-tips in all the corners, and then be pulled in even further to clean the Q-tips!  Puts a new spin on  "deep" cleaning!

Here' are some more infinite realities: one could infinitely divide a yardstick and theoretically never stop.  Dandelion spores float and then go where?  and THEN infinitely where?  One could study bacteria or hearts or stars or thyroids infinitely.

And, far from nothin' happening in our world, everything is happening, everywhere.

And fence-post-people?  At least 8 billion NON-fence-post people-types have already been created and when and where such creatures stop being created nobody knows.  If each human has a guardian angel in the unseen realm--let's see, that's at least another 8 billion creatures who have the ability of intelligent thought. That makes 16 billion (and still counting) creatures equipped with intellect.  Let's add (to this world that is anything but boring) 350,000 types of insects that basically are functioning from instinct only, and all of their infinite activities of scurrying about.

Yes, we see infinities in all directions.  We each are a piece of infinite circumstances, infinite communication, having infinite shades of emotions, living in a three-dimensional world that may also be living inside a four-dimensional world, or an infinity of dimensions in eternity.

Truly we were born into a world teeming with life on the physical, metaphysical and spiritual level. You get the picture.  God is phenomenal in crafting the life we each live in all its every day ordinary dazzling detail.  Far from a dull God is He.  And far from a vacant lot, live we.  Oh come let us thank Him forever for the gift of our inscrutable existence.

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