Supplements and superfoods for health

Supplements and superfoods for health

Renee EllisonMar 30, '20
This is not medical advice, but rather some ideas for a battery/army of supplements and super-foods to help your body be strong.  Set a timer for every half-hour to remind you to pour something powerful into your body.  As in warfare, it is a system of steady, sustained measures that gives the victory.

FIRST: Drink WATER, WATER, WATER.  Dramatically uptick your water intake.  Think of how much water is needed to wash your car in a car wash.  Your body needs this INSIDE car wash, to wash out the microbes and sluggish, resistant bacteria.  SLOSH inside!   Also, drinking the water sends viruses to your stomach (where they can be killed with stomach acid, rather than to your delicate lungs).
Fall in love with garlic and oregano (perhaps, on toast--or add the garlic and oregano spice to anything and everything you eat).  If the garlic burns you, you can toast/broil/fry the garlic first.  Toast is mucous-forming so it is not the best, especially for a person who has a respiratory condition.  But if you can't get garlic and oregano down you any other way, use it on gluten free toast. 
Appreciate the benefit of increased levels of Vitamin C.  This is called vitamin C "loading."  Various YouTube videos are dedicated to this topic.  If your stomach burns with increased doses of vitamin C, take it along with some food, and/or swallow aloe vera juice beforehand, and/or take DGL licorice tablets afterwards. Or don't do this protocol at all, and get your vitamin C from fruit.  It, however, is a very powerful protocol, with historical reports of strong turnarounds.

Benefit from Vitamin D3 intake.  D3 is especially efficacious against upper respiratory tract challenges.  In that case, take higher daily doses than usual.

Consider the value of bovine colostrum tablets.  Colostrum contains natural antibodies, which will fight for you.

Consider the possible benefits of incorporating structured silver each day (obtainable from  Reportedly, this may be preferable to taking colloidal silver, which (in excess) could form silver deposits in your skin, turning it a bit blue.  The MyDoctorSuggests formula is excreted in the urine after killing viruses, bacteria and fungus in its path.  It can also be gargled.  It comes (if you ask for it) with a booklet that explains it.

A small amount of FOOD GRADE (not store-bought, which can contain a preservative chemical) hydrogen peroxide, taken internally, can provide more internal ammo.  Gargle with it also.  One source of food grade hydrogen peroxide is  Transfer some to the little dropper bottle, and then put 5 drops in 8 oz of water to drink.  When transferring some to the little bottle from the quart size, use rubber/latex gloves and only pour it over the sink, while you are wearing glasses or sunglasses.  It can burn your skin at full strength, or your countertop.  For more information, get the book with it so that you understand it.

People have found that breathing Raven or R.C. essential oil from a diffuser, and applying to the chest over the lung points using a carrier oil of coconut oil, van bring relief.  Eucalyptus Radiata is considered of great help to build the body in regard to respiratory problems. These oils can be obtained from Young Living; the diffuser, also.  Call 1-800-371-3515 and use member number: 537850.

A recent discovery by some is to apply a glutathione patch to the body.  Glutathione may be the strongest anti-oxidant known to man.  Research its outstanding effects online.  Many glutathione pills/ capsules/ tablets are available elsewhere, but applying a patch is  easier than taking it internally, and more bio-available.  Since the outbreak of CV-19 the sales of Glutathione from LifeWave have skyrocketed.  Call 866-202-0065 and use member number 1041563 to order.   A single packet costs considerably more than their discounted packets of 3 (go in with a friend or neighbor?) where the cost is discounted significantly.

Above all, of course, do your own research and come to your own conclusions.  Don't take our word for it.

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