Some fun ideas to fuel your marriage

Some fun ideas to fuel your marriage

Renee EllisonOct 8, '23

Here are some innocent ways to UP your marital relationship.

Increase touch

When a relationship is reduced primarily to solving problems and quarreling, the light goes out.  When that’s been your situation, you can think of ways for upping the sizzle in your daily relationship.  A marriage must have romantic pizzaz to keep each of you interested, otherwise massive escape is going on in the underlayment of your mate and/or you. 

Up the frequency of the hugging.  Do it many little times throughout the you pass each other snatch a kiss, but hug more.  The full-body nurture keeps fueling the foundational bonding of the couple.

Verbally uplift one another throughout the day

Increase the compliments and appreciation of one another.  VERBALIZE it.   Work at this.  This makes it feel wonderful to be around each other.  Criticism stifles marital love.  Expectations kill relationship.  If it’s not a biggie—not a matter of personal safety or moral standards, for instance—rather let error live, than love die.

Focus upon creating some humor out of little mishaps, losses and misunderstandings -- little nothings.

PLUS those moments with some humor.  Turn them into opportunities for some "feigned attempts at humility" and self- effacement that endears you to each other.  Ridiculous stuff like this "I did NOT lose the key....(and then in a stage whisper) I just misplaced it!   I did NOT dirty that towel, (then whisper) I MUDDIED it.  You'll find your own versions of humor. 

Do something fun together:

If you both are fabulous dancers, you could really create something out of that talent.  Perhaps one night a week dance in your living room.  There are scores of YouTube videos teaching couples how to ballroom dance right at home without any expense or weary travel to get that additional fun with each other.  You could begin with the simple waltz and then proceed to the fox-trot, and then on to the more complicated tango, and swing.  You two could really get good at this.  And the fun you'd have (again with each other’s bodies), augmented by music will lighten up your entire relationship.  It’s something you can do into your old age and a way to get exercise together, and could fill your home with giggles, do-overs and frolicking fun for many nights.

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