Solidly and swiftly ground your children in apologetics

Solidly and swiftly ground your children in apologetics

Renee EllisonJan 19, '221 comment

Godless worldviews of all sorts currently rage in our culture.  Our children are relentlessly bombarded and profoundly affected by the cultural assumptions and presuppositions of these worldviews.  Children in godly families desperately need biblical apologetics clarified to them in easy terms to navigate this jungle of philosophies.  Ideas matter.  All ideas eventually have consequences.  Teach your children these easy and well-aimed logical arguments against the absurdities of our day and these devious lies will lose their power over them.

We now know that creation actually began with information (codes), not lifeless matter flung about.  Codes and language cannot exist without intelligent design.  We’re told in Genesis that God created by fiat (the spoken word…language…code)—which is exactly what scientific studies now verify.  The DNA molecule and the microscopic life contained in a single cell all reveal vast complex information systems.  For proof, read: Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design, by Stephen C. Meyer.  It’s a 624-page science-based tome that silences evolutionists’ every attempt at rationalism.

Communism vs. capitalism:
Regardless of the theory of how superior communism is, as asserted by ivory tower professors in most every college in America, who claim that it is preferable to capitalism, look at the results of communism.  450 million individuals have been slaughtered by communist regimes during the past century.  Wherever communism has dominated, it has produced not only death, but enslavement and poverty.  People who find themselves living under such a system seek to flee it.  Why would you need to fence people in, as in the case of the Berlin Wall, if communism is such a superior system?  Superior for whom?  The Bible indicates that industry and hard work merit the rewards of profit and private property.  Fiscal rewards fuel the entrepreneurial spirit in a man.  Take fiscal incentive out of the heart of a people and you’ll have malaise overnight—i.e., the welfare state.  Every corporate endeavor taken over by any government fails as a fiscal enterprise—they all swim in debt.

A human being has 23 pairs of chromosomes.  22 are the same in both sexes; the 23rd set determines sexuality.  Nothing else on the planet that contains chromosomes switches to something else when its size changes. A small baby oak tree is still an oak tree; it wasn’t at first a tulip.  If a person asserts that the fetus switches from something else to a baby at some point, ask…

  1.  At what moment did it switch?  Let your adversary set the moment of life…they can pick ANY moment—once stated, and then ask:
  2. What was it five minutes before that?” -- and then follow with,
  3. What overwhelming chemical event caused that to happened?  Is it scientifically verifiable?

God is interested in infinite variety.  Consider the profusion of color in a hillside of flowers, and the profusion of language, as evidenced in the multitude of differing words contained in the Bible and in great literature.  The devil apparently prefers one color (black), and three or four cuss words that are used over and over and over again.  Profanity is not diverse—it is narrow.

The Lord defines boundaries.  Eventually the sea must stop and dry land appears; somewhere a man stops and a woman begins; biology has definition and limitations on purpose.  The devil is interested in only blurring boundaries,  wants sameness.  Unisex and its derivative philosophies are his inventions.  The Lord is interested in abundant procreation, whereas the devil pushes for singleness and isolation (i.e., have sex by yourself or in ways that produce no children).  If everyone were homosexual, the human race would die out.

The essence of the hedonistic worldview is that pleasure and entertainment are all there is and all that are worth pursuing.  But: what happens when your child or best friend falls ill?  Where do you fit that in such a worldview?  A person’s worldview should strive to address all of life’s possible circumstances better than any other worldview.

Live for experiences.  Experiences and activities are the validating conditions of life and happiness for a person who follows this worldview.  So, what happens when a person becomes injured and can’t walk, is what they think not important?

Life is meaningless.  Live for nothing.  The perfect state is nothingness.  All things are equal.  Most of the big name nihilistic writers committed suicide.  It fits.  Might not be the best way to “live.”

God is in everything.  The problem with this worldview is that, one cannot be IN the table or the stars and be lord OVER the table or the stars at the same time.  It is a logical impossibility.  The very definition of a god is that that God is pre-eminent over something.  Eastern religions tout that you are that god—so, that must mean “you made yourself?”  Read Death of a Guru for a short treatise on the howling wasteland of eastern religious worldviews.

This is the belief that we live in cycles and are re-born over and over again; you move up or down based upon what you did in the previous life.  This is why cows and monkeys are worshiped in India: they might be someone’s mother!  Ask a person who believes this, what would an ant have to DO to come back as a lizard?  And when would the ant know that his works were sufficient?  Conversely, the holy scriptures teach that “It is appointed unto man ONCE to die, and after that the judgment” (Hebrews 9:27).

Assert something strongly enough and you can become it.  You are your own god, and by merely thinking it, you can defy the material order.  Really?  Does an Olympic athlete also become the world’s best chess player?  Do we have even one case of it?  How hard would a dwarf have to think to become a pole vaulter?  Can a woman give birth to a donkey?  Or a donkey give birth to a butterfly?  Can a person grow three arms?  …or pilot a plane if they are a three year old?  Come on—this is embracing an absurdity.  Colleges have become the high church of humanism.

“He who dies with the most toys wins.”  Wins what?  We’ve found, to our emptiness, that unbridled shopping results only in “licking the earth.”

Look at the expression of it in the world.  Name the great inventions and discoveries that have been contributed to the betterment of all mankind out of this philosophy.  Take a jihadist or a member of Isis home to dinner.

So, what’s better as a worldview?
The book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible helps us with this answer, which is summed up beautifully in the first question in the Westminster Catechism:
Q:  What is the chief end [purpose] of man?
A:  To glorify God and enjoy him forever!

Track saints throughout history who have done this and you find they lived lives in all manner of circumstances with inexpressible joy.  Fulfillment leaves tracks in the sands of history.

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