Should our children take the traditional college route… or not?

Should our children take the traditional college route… or not?

Renee EllisonMay 5, '211 comment

“Wipe out their faith.”  This is the hidden agenda at most colleges and universities today, from sun-up to sun-down, in the unsupervised dorms and in the decadent classrooms.  College sabotages minds AND morality.  "Blessed is the man who walks NOT in the counsel of the wicked [ungodly liberal professors] nor stands in the way of sinners [immoral peers] nor sits in the seat of scoffers [or lies down in their bedrooms in the dorms]." (Psalm 1).  If this is blessed, then to DO the opposite must be not be blessed?  Christian colleges, included?

The financial cost--and the ethics of what we are financing:

The price tag for college is enormous nowadays.  We know individuals who are graduating with $120,000 worth of DEBT.  That slugs a young person in the stomach for a loooooooooonnnnngg time.

Even if we can afford tuition costs, analyze VERY carefully WHAT it is that we are funding with our college money.  Can we justify it at the Judgment—the great bar of God?  How did we steward the money for His kingdom?  Examine it objectively.  Would we willingly PAY for someone to go down the street, a block away, to spend hours and hours in a brothel, where unmarried couples are coming in and out the front door 24/7 and shacking up in beds—even in their own room where there roommates see what they are doing?  Do MARRIED couples watch each other in bed, in our own houses?  This is how far out it is: to allow our children to WATCH the real stuff of debauchery—not occasionally, but all the time!  It is likely to be found on practically every floor of every dorm, Christian or not.

Would we PAY for someone to come into our homes to train our children AGAINST the very GOD that we love—insist that the academics mock the Bible and hate God?  This is what we fund in behalf of our own children—and never is it more brutal than in the modern college.

Would we pay to ensure that our children hobnob with sexually immoral persons, day in and day out?  Would we place our youth into an environment where they interact and rub shoulders with such persons every day in the cafeterias and in the classrooms, etc.?  How long would the frog cook in this pot without becoming one of them?  Would the Puritans have been appalled?  Would they have spent THEIR money for this for their offspring?


Make no mistake, college isn't necessary for the academics, which anyone may master from using any textbook and tutor, without the anti-God, humanistic packaging.  The brainwashing is hammered into students purposefully, by satanic design, relentlessly, ongoingly, throughout ALL MATTERS in academia.  Uprooting the presuppositions.  Tirelessly hacking away at the core, until the institution turns out an atheist at graduation.  Sufficient reprogramming is accomplished to last a lifetime.  "Job done!" says Satan.

Yesterday I walked along a country lane and cried out to God about how much I hated so many of my OWN college ungodly courses—being forced to read vile filth in English classes, being forced to study the Upanishads (Indian Hindu documents about worshipping demons), evolution in biology, ungodly liberal ways to teach and train children in my education courses (which I could see would never work), and revisionist history, which was a tract for feminism.  It was bad then (4 decades ago); it is unconscionable now.  I renounced it all and told God that I AGREED with his hatred of vain philosophies.  All of them are strongholds to get us to "do life" without God.

Take the word COLLEGE out of it.  Take away the ivy-clad brick and mortar, and the pretense that something SIGNIFICANTLY IMPORTANT justifies immersing our children in the cesspool.  THEN would we do it?  If it were happening without "academics", down the block, in the open air, for other reasons?  Or would we move away, wanting to get away from such happenings?  The brick and mortar college BUILDINGS blindside us; they persuade us that something of eternal holy intellectual value is happening behind those doors.  Too often, it is not.


A college president at Berkley once quipped: “We provide sports for the alumni, parking for the faculty, and sex for the students."

And let’s not forget the alcohol—oh, the alcohol.  Yesterday I repented of even being NEAR the throw-up in the elevators (at a conservative school).  College kids’ incessant drinking starts the lifelong alcoholism among a sizeable portion of today's population.  It gets its head of steam in college, even among the upright.  What the devil missed in the upbringing, he polishes off in college.

The primary issue regarding college is: what ENVIRONMENT will our college-age children’s souls be in as they are yet forming?  The traditional college experience is a tsunami.  Even the best of swimmers go under when the waves get high enough.  The influence of evil on campuses is profound.  This is even more devastating than the financial cost of a college education.

Would the Hebrews have allowed their children to be educated in Egypt's colleges?  “Come out from her, be ye separate.”  Only AFTER we obey does He show us the exciting path which we cannot see ahead of time.  When Abraham left the pagan land of his fathers, he did NOT know where he was going.

Alternatives to college:

Do I want to PAY to risk that my child winds up godless?  Is there a creative alternative?  Our culture RUNS to get under slavery, both in schooling and in the corporate world.  For the believer there is often a thin thread of alternatives that can free us from it ALL, if prayed through.  No one said it would be easy to pick a different route.  Apprenticeships, perhaps?—short term ones, one following another?  Or doing CollegePlus!, while ALSO attending adult-level symposiums and three-day seminars on tons of topics for short-term, pleasantly-controlled social stimulation, too?  Conferences swell up all over the country, offering thrilling short spurts on all sorts of topics.  Maybe you could be spending far less money, for more hand-picked exciting results?—and developing a resume that is so unusual, your child is picked above others in the future work force.

Start by recognizing that education is not the great contest of life.  Living a life for His glory IS.  Having a satisfyingly full life can be had without formal education, as long as one continues to self-educate.  Often the lure of college is the greater financial earning power a degree might facilitate—but many corporate jobs become so demanding one loses one’s home relationships, through divorce or rebellious offspring.  Earning can happen in hundreds of other ways.  So, too, can self-expression and fulfillment, without the external and often brutal corporate stress.

Why not aim for lifetime FINANCIAL solvency BEFORE/apart from college?  Why not use that same college money to buy real estate free and clear at the beginning of our children’s adult lives?  They can ALWAYS get education through night classes, online classes, etc., on TOP of that solid fiscal foundation.  Owning one’s home debt-free can free one even from the NEED to have a career with all of its inordinate pressures.  It frees one up to travel the world on one's OWN terms, for example, to take ONE coveted topic/weekend/week from a specially picked college professor followed by flying to another college to gain education over another topic with a different professor, following after isolated brilliant professors with a hand-crafted way to do that.  One doesn’t need an entire semester; much can be obtained from books and then a special shorter time could be spent with a professor.  Even highly rated colleges and universities these days have a lot of tenured professors who are dead wood; they don’t MERIT sitting under for long weeks, and it’s not always apparent ahead of time, which professors are the dead wood.

The children of Colin and Nancy Campbell (of Above Rubies) are successful, WITHOUT COLLEGE.  Their sons are adept at earning money to support large families.  One is a tremendously successful entrepreneur who is irritated that others aren't (to the same degree as he is)!!! WITHOUT COLLEGE.  And others join these ranks.  There is a movement against college out there amongst conservative believers that God is BLESSING beyond anyone's wildest dreams.  We just returned from a Family Week in Canada where we observed MANY young people who have chosen not to go to college.  They are bright and vigorous, and are absorbed with all kinds of wonderful variety as they pursue other paths.

Wouldn’t it be like God to prove Himself strong on behalf of those whose hearts are perfect toward Him (2 Chronicles 16:9)?  He can make our young people profoundly successful or influential in OTHER WAYS, far ABOVE the achievements of their college counterparts, both financially and in the establishment of strong godly families rather than leaving a trail of serial divorces.  (Food for thought: to force young men to wait for marriage an entire decade past when their hormones are raging, while they commit educational idolatry, as we've done the past two generations, can result in immorality galore, virtually wrecking their REAL lives—the lives they face AFTER college—the more important life that goes on for a half a century.)

Closing thoughts about the college decision:

The world our children are facing is simply not the world you and I grew up in.  It is in chaos.  Our economy is crashing and it will affect the future job market.  Colleges are even now spinning out of control with THEIR debts.  The availability of jobs for college graduates will diminish more and more in the future.  The WISE foreseeth the evil and plan DIFFERENTLY.  Basic LIFE skills will be needed more and more if our young men and women are to survive these new challenges.  And no one can put a lid on how much self education and enlargement can go on for a lifetime of continuous deep reading on one’s own.

Nothing in college prepares our youth for marriage and a family.  Running a family requires skills that were taken for granted in the 1800s.  Cooking classes/ apprenticeships and training in sewing, tailoring, and clothing alterations are a must for most every young woman.  Many women feel totally inadequate in both areas for the thirty years immediately following their marriages where those skills are needed EVERY DAY in the real world of family.  Far more women marry than EVER have careers.  The college-educated young woman who marries, typically faces a nightmare of just fixing breakfast.  Likewise, young men need money-making skill development, not general-education debt, as they move into building their own families…and perhaps building their own debt free house.

These are tough days and decisions for ALL parents.  All of us have never lived through these extremely Noah-like times before.  Everyone's story will be different.  Nonetheless, lines are being drawn between two very different worlds.  The chaos of worldliness is bringing clarity to our view of the choices.  The college experiment has been done; it has run its course; we see the results.  Oh, the EXCITING possibilities for playing this chapter differently—darting here and there for the FINEST of educations, while maintaining holiness!!!  As we take the road less traveled…

For a book on this topic, order the book modestly titled Chucking College.

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Nan on Apr 17, '22

Thank you so much for writing this! We need more of this discussion in the Christian communities all over the world.

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