Scrub out the garbage from the insides of your body; you’ll be glad you did!

Scrub out the garbage from the insides of your body; you’ll be glad you did!

Renee EllisonNov 14, '21

There can be great benefits doing a gentle 5-day cleanse.  It may be as simple as doing a juice fast; because you don't feel like you are starving and the juices are cleansing you, supplying you with extra oxygen, you don’t sag in energy.  Juice your fruits or vegetables (one or the other) with the nutrient fiber and the fiber will make you feel full and content right after you drink it.  As you do it, follow the health-wise adage to drink your solids and chew your liquids, and chew the juice so your mouth multiplies its own digestive juices, for maximal absorption.

Junk comes out in the mornings.  No wonder people feel sick hauling all that crude around.  Health is truly a game of scrubbing out the inside and then nutrient loading, with fresh and raw fruit and veggie juices afterwards every day as frequently as possible regardless of how else you are generally eating.  The other day I had a green drink of fresh basil from the garden, ground up in the Vitamix; it tasted superb and gave me wahoo energy.

While you’re doing this cleanse, pump something fabulous into your body every hour.  Set the timer.  Spirulina, lemon water, juiced parsley, juiced cilantro, etc.  Cilantro takes out heavy metals and radiation.  If it’s green, it’s a go for your body.  The same with the high-oxidant low glycemic organic berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries).  The villae on the walls of your intestines will do a much better job of transporting nutrients to your bloodstream if you’re feeding them this kind of diet, to the exclusion of processed sugar, anything made with corn syrup (which may be far more food products than you ever imagined would contain that), dairy, soy, and processed grains.

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