Restoring your sanity in conquering domestic chores

Restoring your sanity in conquering domestic chores

Renee EllisonJun 19, '22

Ever get in one of those loops where you start out to do one thing but when you get there, some other task looms large in front of you, so you momentarily forget the first thing and tackle that second thing and then in the middle of that second thing a third thing presses its way into your path, demanding attention?  How do you navigate it without ending up buried in deep occupation with the TENTH thing, now on the trivial level, instead of the first?

Here’s how: you write down the second, third and fourth things, and continue doing the first.  Yup, that's it.  Domestic insanity replaced with "measured-tread".

Research shows that if a person, no matter whether it’s a corporation president or the humble janitor, or the pulled-in-every-direction housewife, continues with the highest thing on their priority list and keeps it the highest thing, such a person makes remarkable significant progress in life.  A struggling company told all of its employees to write down their highest three goals each day, keeping them visible and prominent, and it turned the company into a business dynamo.  Their bottom-line profits broke all their previous records.  For the homemaker?  It turns chaos into cheerful calm.

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