Reasons for a godly parent to hang in there

Reasons for a godly parent to hang in there

Todd EllisonJul 11, '21

A mature husband and father sent us his list—thought-provoking—of reasons why he wants to continue living through whatever turmoil next washes over our world:

“I wish to survive what is coming for the following reasons:

  1. First, I do believe that it is one's duty to attempt to survive if they can without compromise in being faithful to the Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. God often provides more life to those who are willing to pursue such as He leads.
  1. I have three little children who need a father for the next 10 years. I do my best to teach the Word of God to them. I am well qualified to do that. Few parents today are reading the Bible with their little children. I can and do that to the extent of the reading ability of my younger children. My 10-year-old can now read almost as well as I can, and we often read the gospels together. His knowledge of the gospels is excellent. I would like to repeat this teaching accomplishment with many more children. 
  1. I have a spouse who needs help in raising her young children. I would like to be the one providing that help.
  1. The nation of Israel is going to repent after Babylon USA is destroyed. I would like to be part of that revival in some way.
  1. The world is going to be very open to the true gospel after Babylon USA is destroyed. I would like to be part of the tremendous harvest that is coming worldwide. 
  1. I enjoy life and the wonders of having the opportunity to walk in faith. I don't want to miss any of the walk that God wished for me to have in this life's experience.
  1. I realize that if I survive until the Lord Jesus returns, the potential to live much longer in tremendous health will be provided by the Lord Jesus Christ as He rules the Earth. Life then will be in terms of centuries, not just decades. 
  1. Eternity is a long time. I wish to spend as much time in this life as God has planned. The rest of eternity can wait. It is very good at waiting. It has a lot of time at its disposal.
  1. I have studied and written about what is going to happen in the last days from a Bible perspective. I would like to see if I was anywhere near being correct about what I have concluded and written about to this point. 

I figure any of the above alone would be a good reason to stick around.” 

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