Phonics quick-start tips

Phonics quick-start tips

Renee EllisonFeb 28, '24
For sure success, read this and stick to it 'til conquered !!!
SECURE all the short vowel sounds beyond hesitation:
NAIL THEM forever. 

a - Adam
e - Ellen
i - igloo
o - octopus
u - under

Write each of the above five vowel letters, each on its own 3X5 card, placed on the table, and ask the child, "Which one says...?"  The teacher asks this randomly, without the trigger word, testing them over and over verbally, until the child never makes a mistake.  For variety, ask the children to SAY the sounds to you as they pick up the cards randomly.

Once your children know the vowel sounds down pat,
have them read all the 3-letter words you can find 
(use little readers or Bob books, if you have them).

Teach the word "the" as a sight word, mentioning that it has a tall "h" in the middle and looks like a tent.

DO NOT MOVE PAST THIS LEVEL until they can read all 3-letter words easily and flawlessly.... got, get, gut,    bed, ben, bin, bun,....any lists of 3-letter words you can the ones they miss and then re-drill those....

Our Fast Phonics course is the foundation of all this, for jump-starting reading in your household of young children.

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