Perils of putting your children in public school

Perils of putting your children in public school

Renee EllisonAug 16, '23

Putting your children in public school may solve a problem for you, but, have you considered the problem it may create for your children?  It puts them in a "spot/pigeon-hole" in the world, yes, but what does it do to them as people, given their backgrounds?  Far from solving your problem of what to do with the children, it may well create an additional future nightmare for you, personally, that you hadn't counted on.

If children view themselves as misfits during their developing years, it scars them in deep ways for life.  This is very, very serious stuff with long-reaching implications--results that only you will live with for the rest of your life.

Your decision regarding all of this may have to come down to a hard choice of denying yourself (of almost everything) in favor of your children.  Isn't that ultimately what all parenting is about--even minute by minute?  This could well be a decision you would never regret as opposed to a decision you could greatly regret for the rest of your life were it not to turn out so well, and your children turn into real problems as adults, because they don't fit.  People do desperate things when they don't fit.

Their is no joy to compare with finishing life with some trophies that you are proud of--primarily the outcome of your own children; even if your marriage didn't turn out, at least one's children could.  But it is possible that one's children couldn’t.  It is possible to arrive at the end of life with wreckages in all directions.  Many are arriving there, today.  It could be a very real possibility for you with the direction of this next step.  Worldly peers are negative influences from the get-go.  You could lose your children's hearts overnight when they start to run with the pack.  Millions of parents have.

You only get one shot at this business of parenting.  If you’re in a situation where one parent is effectively out of the picture, it means your every move is doubly weighted.  Parenting has eternal implications.  What you did with your offspring, before God, has eternal consequences, and earthly consequences that you will live with.  Years hence you may be asking yourself,  did I merely "make do?" or did I plan each step for ultimately the best outcomes?

So far you have made outstanding academic and "self-management" progress with your children, but if they’re still young you still have a LOOOOOONG way to go.  This includes getting the basics of the 3 R’s (Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic) in the bag, solidly.  Amazingly, generally it is not the least bit difficult to achieve success in the basics.  All it takes is keeping on, keeping on.  With a parent-friendly curriculum like the ACE paces it is almost embarrassingly simple, with the result that you'd have children you could be very proud of, with no misfits, and no academic- or peer-pressure-related scars.

Conversely, public-schooled children in the millions leave their parents with sores they never get over.  We have a friend whose son committed suicide from the influences of ungodly peers from that system.  Your children will be glossed over in the public school, make no mistake --teachers simply don't have time to give children individual attention.  And these days, they will not be given life skills in public schools, but rather life-indoctrinations of all sorts, and learn to run with herds of rebellious, unthinking peer-pressured children--which is what the dominant crowd IS.  Would the children of Israel have given their children to Pharaoh's schools?

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