Our country’s two–fanged political dragon

Our country’s two–fanged political dragon

Renee EllisonJul 11, '21

Half of the US is currently fighting a two-fanged political dragon that the other half of the country has created and unleashed.  The two fangs are CRT and COVID bondage.


Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a semantic umbrella under which all deviant behavior may rage with impunity.

CRT sweeps innumerable persons under the tyranny of infinite repentances, requiring infinite reparations for crimes that current individuals did not commit, and which must be met with infinite retribution, anger, assault, violence and destruction.

CRT burst forth upon a country where racial equality and peaceful respect had been won and was in effect to an extent never before realized.  It was, in fact, not about race at all, but the avenue for a political power grab.  All races had achieved jobs and salaries in all walks of life, and we sat in the same seat on the same bus with a hard won (evident to all) true charity.  However, under CRT racial equilibrium was ignored in favor of stoking racial hatred where it did not exist.  We all rationally knew that one case of racial inequity was not the whole case—just like one robbery in a neighborhood doesn’t indicate that the entire neighborhood robs continually.

All of that was resolutely swept under a racist bus.  The racial narrative is only the umbrella that secures the immunity to do something entirely “other,” entirely large and sinister; to escort us into socialism—a redistribution of wealth and an elimination of all private liberty and property.

CRT is diabolical justice.  Biblical justice, on the other hand, is holy justice; it tackles one person for one sin.  The one person then repents once, pays a just “one time” reparation or goes to prison for a specific amount of time and then is released (except for murder , in which case a life is justifiably paid for a life).  Never does a person morally pay for another person’s sin, nor stay under an infinite judgment.

CRT’s bogus sham of justice first reared its ugly head in 1850 in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Scarlett  Letter novel, in which the author’s sinful main character could never be let up—or out.  No forgiveness, no blood of the Savior, no salvation was possible.  The humanists’ seeds of destruction were firmly planted in the literary world, first.

Because we are all pushed into a new identity under CRT, all viewed as forever cruel masters, the other side may pillage, burn, rape and kill in unlimited measure.  Even a raised eyebrow is deemed justifiably inflammatory by the liberal left.  There is no way out.  Gottcha.

COVID bondage

The second fang of the political agenda is a COVID end-run against humanity.

COVID bondage is a consummate response to a limited disease.  Sinister powers grew COVID into a fantastical disease under which all freedoms may be usurped and hijacked forever.  Its necessary cure spilled out of the halls of evil government, asleep churches, and compliant businesses.  It turns out that human liberty itself was the real disease.  So, liberty must be muzzled out, vaccinated out, snuffed out.  Not only must humans not have liberty to speak a differing opinion about what the real agenda is, but if they hold such an opinion, they must not exist at all.  In the recent news we read that the presidents of three nations (Burundi, Tanzania and Haiti) that opted out of all COVID-19 vaccinations are now dead.

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