Nailing Yeshua's divinity...a fun compilation of the imponderable

Nailing Yeshua's divinity...a fun compilation of the imponderable

Renee EllisonApr 9, '23

Confused about Yeshua's divinity?  Not sure if Christ is God?  His miracles leave no doubt.

He levitated up into the sky, infinitely (His ascension).  (YOU try it!)

His face changed and He became like a dazzling bolt of lightning, his clothes shimmering a translucent white (His transfiguration). (You, right?  When you are all gussied up?)

He walked through walls, rearranging his molecules to do so (His appearance to his disciplines, inside a room, after His ascension).

He kept His full body weight on top of water as he walked across Galilee.  Even his shins and knees did not sink (walked on water) (Peter tried it.  Bless his heart.)

Turned stale, reserve water into exquisite Israeli wine (the wedding at Cana).

Drove a herd of demon-possessed pigs over a cliff by merely speaking a few words (bye, bye demons).

Single handedly staged a "Divine Lives Matter" protest in the temple, turning over the tables with only a whip and no resistance (the money changer's episode).

Materialized new fresh baby pink skin out of thin air (healed the lepers).

Raised dead people: Dorcas, Lazarus, Jairus's daughter, and opened more than a few Jewish graves by osmosis clear across town when dying himself.  People who then walked into Jerusalem, startling their relatives (Matthew 27:52-53). 

Restored severed optic nerves without surgery and tools (healed the blind).

Made shriveled legs dance...for the rest of their legs' lives.

"Houdini-ed" out of his own grave clothes after being stone dead for 3 days, to take a morning's walk in the nearest garden.  (Gotta get that morning exercise.)

Stopped an 18-year issue of seeping blood from an ill woman at his feet....twas a "ground-breaking" work accomplished by inattentive, yet effective, seeping divine energy, at the ground level.

Instantly melted the cold heart of a murderer, a thieving tax collector and a very short person with a very short-sighted view of stock-piling (did major construction on men's hearts).

Sent 72 men on a mission out into all the known world, two X two, lambs among wolves (vs.3) , and not one of them balked at being lambs among wolves (Luke 10:9, 18-19).

He fed 5,000 with only one person's brown bag lunch.  Thinking that might be contested centuries later in statistic classes, He did it again with 4,000 and someone ELSE'S brown bag lunch.

Minted coinage in the mouths of a few amazed fish during tax season.

Divine things only come from a divine being.

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