Move your marriage from mediocre to Mua!

Move your marriage from mediocre to Mua!

Renee EllisonJun 5, '22

“Make up, make out and make do” is all about re-making you!  When you make up your mind in your marriage to manage your own “motions” (deeds) and “e-motions,” your marriage can almost miraculously migrate from mediocre to magnificent within mere months.

Since the melancholy rap is that wives can sel­dom manage to significantly mould a mate, should that sweet monkey need such a magnum-opus, most matrons quit trying.  But if your marriage is less than model, even if you can't modulate a mate by map­ping out his every minute, you can modify the at­mosphere in which you live.  You can lead by exam­ple by mustering thoughtful manners (both menial micro manners and mighty macro ones) to magnify your man.  He might mirror you, if you do!

Your own magnanimous love, expressed contin­uously, can mount up to a monumental amount of nurturing moments, which grow to feel like living life together in a Mediterranean manor.  A mollifying deep influence can marinate a mate, over time, but it seldom does so at the end of a mangy, pointed fin­ger.  Magpie-like manipulation will only marginalize your maverick male.

Modeling love is stronger than “maestro’ing” it.  You can manufacture love from morning 'til moon-light when you rouse yourself out of malaise.  Med­itate mainly upon merciful minute, even mechanical deeds to do, as well as mega-momentous deeds like making meringue pies for your man.  Maul your man with a menu of such deeds and magically something like mesmerizing music will replace any mention of a former meager messy medley between the two of you.

Yes, you alone can maneuver a melting marriage into a masterpiece “meeting-of-the-minds.”  A mar­riage can mammothly “morph” right from the words of your own mouth.  Sure, it would be nice to have two of you in the mix of “maturing past the mad­dening moment,” but if you don't have a cooperative malleable mate, re-modeling your marriage can be done even single-handedly.  Conversely, malleting your man to conform to your mandates can mount up to muchas frustration.  No, mamasita, be his flexible marionette, instead!  To cure all of his murky moods and maladies, massage his masculinity.

Manage your own moments inside marriage and your misgivings will become minimal.  Mental mis­ery is no way to maneuver though life.  Making a maximum marriage takes mental muscle.  We must cast away all defeating mental musings by marshal­ling ourselves out of any misfit meanderings into measurable momentum in positive directions.

Meaningful life doesn't just happen.  We make it happen.  By making the most of it, you can do your part to transform marital mush into a marvel of mu­tuality.  Doing so is infinitely better than living a mincing monk’s life in a monastery, as a single maiden!

Why make up?

Making-up takes far less time and money than a trip to martial arts school on Mondays every month.  It is far easier on the mucous lining of your digestive system.  And it is faster than macho-fighting, which often materializes into a marathon.  You can draft a short written manuscript that promotes understanding, later, even mail it to him, but making up now is expedient, and much less muddy.

Why make out?

A marriage needs many little points of connection, both off and on the mattress, to keep a marriage glued together.  (Mangoes, mandrakes and mando­lins manifestly help, too!)  No glue; no marriage.  If a relationship descends into mealtime after mealtime of a mangled maze of mediation and there is never any mocha mousse, a malcontent man may cease to be hungry for you.  So, see to it that you lovingly mingle and mambo as a twosome as much as possible, in every way that you can manage.  Having a consistent merry spirit can mobilize your mate to you like a magnet.  By it you can monopolize the major­ity of his marginal emotions!  If you’ll “pray” like a “mantis” and memorize the manual (the Bible) you’ll find the mainspring of manifold love.

Why make do?

This isn't heaven, yet.  Throughout history, people who made memorable contributions to mankind were not mooching morons looking for mahogany mansions or marvy motels all the time.  Such people often moved in meekness, digging in mundane places to mine their diamonds.  And it is no different with maintaining a model marriage.  Keep mint money management and seek to adapt yourself around any of your male’s menacing personality flaws and the morning of your marriage will surely materialize!  Instead of marital mayhem, you’ll mesh, merge and meld, and the memory of your example will merit a medal.

This is a section from our book, Wise Womanly Ways to Grow Your Marriage.

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