Mothering tip: Always plan a little companion project

Mothering tip: Always plan a little companion project

Renee EllisonMay 27, '20

If you, as a homeschooling mom, are too weary to play with your children (which may be always)!, have them play with you! You can rig up a little companion project next to you, even if the child does the work sloppily (because they are too young to do it better). The object is to be together. Train your children by being with each other. The Lord’s sole strategy with His disciples was being with them, day in and day out, in every kind of situation. Much of life is caught, not taught. Attitudes, work habits, socialization. Job done by watching mama day after day.

+ While you fold all of the laundry, have the children match socks.
+ While you do dishes, pull up a stool and have them splash in the rinse water.
+ While you paint the outside, give them a bucket of water and a clean paint brush to paint the front sidewalk.

You get the picture. Over time, they’ll end up being better workers than you could possibly imagine--but more importantly, you’ll bond, bond, bond with your children. “Love is what you’ve been through together.”

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